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30 things I'm grateful for in June

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  1. Eric's new job!
  2. Little Caesar's for a quick and cheap supper
  3. New York Times crossword app
  4. The wishing well coin funnel at the Science Center (it's the only way I can convince Roo to head toward the exit!)
  5. iPads
  6. Having my friend Emily move back to town
  7. Shade from clouds
  8. A full-term baby!
  9. Waterproof mattress pads
  10. A quick and safe labor and delivery (birth story coming soon!)
  11. Infant formula
  12. Breastmilk
  13. Help from family
  14. Other moms to vent to
  15. Thoughtful Internet friends (Vanessa and Emily!)
  16. Friendly neighbors
  17. Meals delivered by friends
  18. A husband who changes 90% of the diapers when he's home
  19. A potty-trained toddler
  20. The promise of heaven
  21. Placenta pills
  22. A husband who cares and listens when I tell him I'm feeling anxious
  23. Newborn sleep cuddles
  24. Rooney's laugh
  25. Coming home from the hospital to clean sheets and towels
  26. Chicken, bacon & avocado sandwiches
  27. Gilmore Girls (I'm on season 2 and loving it)
  28. A bowl of fresh strawberries
  29. The perfect last night as a family of three
  30. Bacon

DIY nursery word art

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This is a super easy and quick DIY that makes a big impact in any room!

I've been in love with this large scale art for a while, and then Eric found this print/saying that we liked, so we combined the two ideas. You could do song lyrics, a special poem or a Bible verse.


  • Canvas - ours is 2' x 4' from Michael's
  • Black shoe polish - I got mine in the shoe section at Target

First we painted the canvas the same color as our walls (we had to cover up a previous painting we had done). Then, I just started writing! The shoe polish gives it sort of a spongy and imperfect look.


I played around with the lettering and actually redid it three times until I was happy with the result. I like how the words at the end of each line fall off the edge of the canvas, but I still wanted it to be legible. The letters d, t and i are lowercase to add variety & quirkiness.


Let me know if you try this! I'd love to see what you create.

P.S. Rooney's Pinterest-famous nursery art.

Finch, 2 weeks

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Finch at 1 week

Finch at 1 week


  • Loves eating & being held
  • Dislikes baths & diaper changes
  • Longest stretch between feedings: 5 hours
  • Back to birth weight (and then some)!!!


  • Weight: 8 pounds, 12 ounces
  • Length: 20.5 inches
  • Diaper size: 1
  • Clothing size: 0-3 months

Nursing: We are still doing it! He hit a growth spurt this week, which meant almost constant nursing for a 24-hour period. I'm glad to say we are back to eating every 2-2.5 hours during the day and 3-3.5 hours at night.

Outings: So far he has been to Applebee's, the pediatrician (twice), Walgreens and the swings park (twice). 

Sleeping: We have been mostly co-sleeping so far because it's the only way we get any sleep. I don't plan to continue to do this much past the fourth trimester, but we'll see what happens.

Latest Google searches: 

  • Baby breastfeeding 400 minutes a day
  • Baby circumcision  
  • Iowa Methodist lactation services
  • Cluster feeding
  • Cake nursing bras

Mommy thoughts:

  • I am definitely enjoying the newborn stage more this time around! He spends very little time (1-2 hours) away from me each day. I start to miss him if I go longer than that.
  • He already seems so big to me! A pound makes a huge difference when they're this little!
  • I got one nursing bra so far, but plan to try out a few of your suggestions once I get out of the house more.
  • In some ways the second week is harder than the first - the baby wakes more to eat and the sleep deprivation starts to catch up. But we are still doing great!
  • Eric is back to work (and so tired, poor guy), but his mom was here with us most of this week. We are very thankful for the help but also excited to find our groove as a family of four!

Finch's birth announcement

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I knew right away with this pregnancy that I did not want to deal with the hassle of a mailed birth announcement. It meant more to me in this day and age to have a fun social media announcement soon after he was born. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with local illustrator Laura Palmer when she offered to create something special for us!


You can check out more of her work here.

Thanks so much, Laura! I love it!