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31 things I'm grateful for in July

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  1. That my jury duty was deferred (because of breastfeeding)
  2. Surprising Eric with Garth Brooks tickets
  3. A spontaneous date night with Eric to the movies - at a $3 theater, no less!
  4. A handy husband
  5. Watching Rooney learn to play softball in the front yard
  6. Playing volleyball in the back yard with Eric
  7. Hand-me-down clothes for our kids
  8. Free bounce houses and princesses at the mall
  9. Splitting parenting duties with Eric
  10. When Rooney says "Let's snuggle!"
  11. That Rooney has been responding well to her new morning and bedtime sticker charts
  12. Air conditioning
  13. White sauce pizza
  14. Date with Roo to Chick-fil-A
  15. That my friend's 2-month-old son does not need surgery on his feet!
  16. Grace from Eric when I got a speeding ticket
  17. Being part of one of the biggest Vacation Bible Schools in the country 
  18. The Zootopia movie
  19. That our kids sleep through fireworks
  20. Well-produced podcasts
  21. Finding a pair of jeans that I LOVE
  22. That my friend found her missing dog after four days
  23. Finchy's hair curls
  24. A bonfire with friends
  25. The way skin heals itself
  27. That no one seemed to notice that my zipper was down one day at work
  28. Inheriting some of my grandma's Tupperware
  29. Dinner with Kristin
  30. A new washer that holds more clothes than our old one
  31. A new robot vacuum!

the best jeans you've never heard of (& giveaway)

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shirt: Viamor / Mainstream Boutique ($30)
jeans: Mac and Me / Mainstream Boutique ($68)
sandals: H&M ($25)

OK, we need to talk. About these jeans. I have not had a pair of blue jeans that I've LOVED in over three years. And it's not because I wasn't trying...I tried several brands and they kept coming up short (literally and figuratively). It was getting really frustrating. But then last month I found these dream jeans in the most unsuspecting place...a boutique just a few blocks from my house! I love the fit, the wash, the whiskers, the stretch. They are nearly perfect. And, they are much cheaper than the brands I had tried previously! The brand is Mac and Me and it is an exclusive label for Mainstream Boutique.

And I can't forget about my new favorite T-shirt. It's so soft and I love that I'm instantly pattern-mixing as soon as I throw it on (which is harder to do in the summer with less layers). I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. I wouldn't normally consider myself a boutique shopper, but I've been surprised to find several items at Mainstream.

I bought this outfit and then after wearing it three days straight (I'm serious, ask Eric) I emailed the boutique owner saying WE NEED TO TELL MORE PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR SHOP! So...we worked up a fun little giveaway! One of you will win a $50 gift card/store credit to Mainstream Boutique Waukee (they ship anywhere in the U.S., by the way)!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Click here to join the Mainstream Boutique VIP Facebook group. It's a really fun group because they post pictures of new arrival shipments, and you can comment on them and they will hold your size for you (If you're already a member, that works, too!)
  2. Leave a comment in the group mentioning Snappy Casual (e.g., "I found out about this group on Snappy Casual! Would love to win the giveaway!")

That's it! Super simple. Michelle (the store owner) will randomly choose a winner next week.

To purchase or inquire about any of the items in my post, feel free to call or message Michelle at Mainstream Boutique and she'll help ya out! I also have a couple "20% off two regularly priced items" coupons to share if you're interested :-)

Finch, 13 months

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I keep thinking I will skip a few months of updates, but then I think about all that has changed and feel the need to update and document what he is up to right now.


  • Clothing size: 12-18 months
  • Diaper size: 4 during the day and 5 at night
  • Teeth: 6


  • Beach
  • Ferris wheel
  • Laying on the floor tantrum


  • Mommy
  • Nursing
  • Pointing
  • Fruit
  • Throwing food on the floor
  • Climbing


  • Swings
  • Diaper changes
  • Getting cleaned up after meals


He prefers holding big pieces of food and biting off chunks rather than picking up small pieces. One time he ate 3 peaches and still got upset when they were all gone. He is a super messy eater!



We are still going strong! Neither of us seems ready to wean, so I can see us going for quite a bit longer. After Finch turned 1, I tried to remove a feeding during the workday, but it wasn't going well for him, so we added it back in, and it has been a lot better. I would say 5 feedings a day is our normal, and more when he is teething.



  • Takes 1-2 naps (20-40 minutes)
  • Bedtime: 5:00-7:00 pm (depends on his naps)
  • Gets up once at night (between 4:00-6:00 am)
  • Wake-up time: 6:30-7:30 am


For naps I either nurse him or just lay him down in his crib with his sleep sack on. For bedtime, I nurse him in his room and he either falls asleep on me, or he will eat and then point at his crib when he's ready to sleep.



  • oh
  • uh oh/uh ah
  • ack (yuck) 
  • dada
  • mama

He loves dropping things on the floor and then saying "uh oh!" It is really, really cute.



  • Shakes head no
  • Waves
  • Points
  • Likes to immitate us
  • Clicks his tongue and thinks it's funny


  • He had three shots and a blood draw at his 12-month appointment
  • He had two fevers this month - 100.8 and 102.1
  • He is working on several teeth
  • We bathe him once a week
  • He goes to the chiropractor once a month


  • hearing him say "Rooney"
  • cutting down to one daytime feed
  • a later bedtime

gimme all the Gilmore Girls garb

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Have you watched Gilmore Girls? I finally did after several people recommend it, and I absolutely loved it. Eric and I finished the entire series a few weeks ago, and I can't stop thinking about it. The writing is absolutely brilliant! There are so many hilarious scenes. I want to move to Stars Hollow! I can't wait to see the revival movies when they are released on Netflix later this year. Pretty sure I need this pink sweatshirt, because it's true...

P.S. Anyone else on #TeamDean? I really liked them together and wish he would have been brought back for the last couple episodes...

P.P.S. I'm really hoping to see that Dragonfly Inn keychain in my stocking this year...wink wink