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my experience with placenta encapsulation

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After Rooney was born, I went through the baby blues and what I believe to be postpartum anxiety and depression. It was a main reason we waited three years before trying for another baby - and a definite concern of mine as we approached Finch's due date. Would I have PPD again?

One evening during my pregnancy, I told Eric about this thing called placenta encapsulation. Basically, the contents of your placenta are put into pills that you take after the baby is born. It is supposed to help boost milk supply and iron levels, gently wean the mom off pregnancy hormones, and speed up healing.

I wanted all of those things, but I wasn't sure if he would think it was too weird. To my pleasant surprise, he said, "I feel like you have to do that." (PPD was so traumatic, we were willing to try almost anything!)

There are a few local businesses who provide the service, and I decided to go with Pleasant Postpartums. Laura was really sweet to work with, and she was always quick to answer my questions via email. Overall I had a really positive experience and wanted to share a little about the process, if you're curious!


Before Finch was born, I filled out a Pleasant Postpartums questionnaire and placed my order. There are a few different ordering options, which is really nice. I hate swallowing pills, so I chose to receive smaller sized pills. I also asked for berry flavored capsules because I was nervous of what they might taste or smell like without the flavoring. :-)

Then, after he was born, we had the hospital store my placenta, and I emailed Laura and told her it was ready to be picked up! She met Eric in the hospital parking lot that night, and then the very next day she delivered the pills to my hospital room with instructions. (You can have your placenta encapsulated in your house or hers. She did ours in her own home.) I was so happy that I could get started taking them right away!

What I got:

  • 162 pills
  • Placenta prints
  • Keepsake cord
  • Tincture


My postpartum this time was so much better than last time. I'll never know the exact reason for this (maybe it would have been better even without the pills), and I certainly have had some anxiety here and there, but it was never as severe as it was with Rooney. With Rooney, I also had terrible night sweats as my body got rid of my pregnancy hormones. I did not experience night sweats this time and contribute it to the fact that the pills helped me gradually wean off the hormones.

You take most of the pills in the first two weeks after delivery, and can play around with your dosage (the most common side effect of an overdose is headaches, which I definitely experienced if I took more than four at a time). My breastmilk came in on day 2.5, and I had a great supply. Then, on days 4 and 5, my anxiety crept in (we were away from Rooney and I could tell she was feeling the distance, which made me feel sad and anxious). But I always felt better within an hour of taking the pills.

At two weeks postpartum, I felt pretty strong, which was completely different from the weakness and exhaustion I felt two weeks after Rooney's birth. After that, some days I felt strong and forgot to take the pills, so whenever I was feeling anxious, Eric would ask me, "Have you taken your pills???" Then, around week 3, I grieved the death of my grandma and felt down and anxious again, so I increased my dosage.

I'm four months postpartum now, and am so glad we decided to encapsulate my placenta. I'll never know for sure what it would have been like to recover from his birth without the pills, but, because of my history with postpartum anxiety and depression, I would never want to chance it.

So now the big question you are all wondering - WAS IT GROSS TO INGEST AN ORGAN THAT YOUR BODY GREW AND THEN BIRTHED? And, honestly? Not at all. I really didn't think about it. The pills don't smell, and they look just like a vitamin or other supplement you take!

If you're having your first baby and have any history (or family history) of depression, I highly recommend it. If you're having your second baby and dealt with PPD the first time, if you struggle with low iron after giving birth, if "pleasant postpartums" sounds like an oxymoron to you, or if you have a history of low milk supply, I think it would ease your mind to know you have the pills in case you need them!

I still have two doses left...I'm saving them for a rainy day (or maybe even menopause)!


My placenta encapsulation was provided to me by Pleasant Postpartums in exchange for this blog post. I was very impressed with the product and service and highly recommend them. All opinions are my own.

Rooney, 3.5 years

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We went to "a restaurant with tacos, and cupcakes after" for Rooney's half birthday (per her request), and, gosh, it made me want to freeze time and jot down a few things about her at this age...



Rooney is the same size as many kids one year older than her. She is starting to get clumsy because her body is growing so fast and she gets off balance.

  • Clothing size: 5T
  • Shoe size: 10-11


  • Puzzles
  • Dresses
  • Strawberries
  • Typing her name on the computer
  • Chewing gum
  • Playing with the neighbor kids
  • Going to the Science Center, park, pool and zoo
  • Amusement park rides
  • Modeling (she appeared in a clothing ad in the September 2015 issue of Harper's Bazaar UK)


  • Having her hair brushed (hence her hair cut)
  • Hand blow dryers


  • She is kind of a picky eater. Her favorites are: macaroni and cheese, pizza, hot dogs and tacos.
  • We've had to start counting bites with her to get her to eat enough protein


Sleep has been a huge change for us in the past nine months (since moving her to a toddler bed, then big girl bed, then weaning her off the pacifier).

  • Gave up pacifier at 3 years, 1 month for a scooter - it took her three days but then she didn't ask for it again
  • Has not napped at home since she gave up her pacifier
  • Sleep walks when overtired
  • Goes to bed much smoother if she hasn't had a nap
  • Eric lays with her in her bed til she falls asleep at night (which can take five minutes or two hours)
  • She comes into our bed in the middle of the night several times a week
  • Comfort item is stuffed Dory the fish


  • Became a big sister
  • Is potty trained (during the day)
  • Can write her name
  • Counts to 31
  • Knows all her letters
  • Started preschool
  • Can sit and watch an entire movie
  • Can play some games, like Go Fish
  • Is pretty good at solving problems herself. She spilled water in the kitchen the other day and immediately asked for a towel and cleaned it up herself. She tells me if she uses the last of the toilet paper roll, and puts away her clean laundry.


  • She's the kind of girl who says "I need a hand!" in parking lots and demands to be buckled into shopping carts
  • Wants to be a maker (cook) and a mommy when she grows up (or a mermaid)
  • Can't wait to be 4, so she can go back to Arnold's Park and to preschool four days a week

I want to remember:

  • how your hair bounces as you run down the sidewalk to get the mail
  • how you want to run everywhere
  • how you say "I want daddy" as soon as he leaves for work in the morning
  • how much you love Finch
  • how you like to wear my clothes, even though they are much too big
  • how most little girls love "Let It Go" but your favorite Frozen song is the first one where the men are cutting through the ice

I am fighting back tears, baby girl. Can't believe how far we've come.


Finch, 4 months

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  • Weight: 18 lbs 0.2 oz (!)
  • Clothing size: 6-9 months
  • Diaper size: 3


  • Mama's milk
  • Tummy time
  • Trying to crawl
  • Being naked
  • Being held or worn in a carrier, especially if we are walking around
  • Smiling
  • Standing (with help)
  • TV screens
  • Taking naps on grandma


  • Cold/sickness
  • Army crawling
  • Laughing (on my birthday!)


We are still breastfeeding! It is getting a lot easier, even though I've had some pain this month. It is finally feeling easier than bottle feeding.

He nurses 6-11 times a day (it varies a lot), every 2-4.5 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. Many times when he wakes at night he is not hungry, but I nurse him to provide comfort.


I feel pretty comfortable nursing in public without a cover now. I am not a fan of tight nursing tanks, so every day I wear a v-neck T-shirt and a cardigan/jacket. I just lift up my shirt and he or my jacket covers up most or all my skin.

We saw a lactation consultant last week to check his latch. I often get a creased nipple during feeds so I am curious about tongue or lip ties. His top lip is usually tucked under while nursing and it's been giving me some pain. I also have had blanching (my nipple turns white after feeds from a loss of blood flow). We didn't get too many answers yet but hope to learn more next week after seeing a pediatric dentist. I am thankful that he has gained weight so well regardless, and that we didn't have these problems any sooner. I have just recently started to love breastfeeding and want to fight to make sure it continues.



At night he has been sleeping on our bed or, more recently, in a swing in our bedroom. I am not looking forward to when he outgrows the swing because it has been helping us keep our sanity.

  • Transitioned out of the swaddle to a sleep sack
  • We started letting him fuss/cry a little while falling asleep
  • He gets up three times a night and wants to nurse


  • All four of us got colds/allergies this month
  • We have an appointment with a pediatric dentist next week to check for tongue/lip ties in our never-ending quest to figure out why he is so gassy
  • He goes to the chiropractor every other week
  • Cradle cap is gone!
  • He is drooling a ton
  • We bathe him once a week


  • LIkes to chew on his hands or put our hands in his mouth
  • Plays with the duckie toy on his car seat
  • Leans forward while sitting on our laps
  • Rolls from back to tummy daily (I've seen him roll both ways, but he definitely prefers to go to his left) and even army crawls and turns himself in a circle on a blanket
  • Has rolled from tummy to back once
  • Has laughed a couple times
  • No longer cries on every car ride (sometimes he even falls asleep!!!)


One of the things I was worried about before he was born was not being able to leave the house on a whim if we decided to go out to eat or something. It's taken four months, but now that he's eating a little less often (and seems to hate the car less and less), we are able to get out and about just about as much as we'd like. Sometimes we'll string multiple errands together and then realize we've pushed him too far, but most of the time he does really well. And the best part, as opposed to Rooney's first year, is that we don't have to mess with measuring/preparing/washing bottles for the diaper bag! Getting more comfortable nursing in public has been a game-changer.

My favorite things: 

  • When he takes a break from nursing to smile
  • Being able to see him every couple hours during the workday - for nursing sessions and to smell/kiss his head
  • How happy he is in the morning
  • Hearing him laugh
  • Seeing him and Rooney interact

30 things I'm grateful for in September

gratefulkelsey williamsComment
  1. Walkie talkies
  2. Madewell sales
  3. Zombie Burger's new location
  4. Running into an old friend
  5. Palmer's Brownies
  6. Madre Beads necklaces
  7. Baby smiles
  8. Being able to temporarily pick up more hours at work
  9. Grace when I make mistakes
  10. An unexpected hour of alone time
  11. Adequate breastmilk supply
  12. Schoola
  13. Garage sales (I got an entire bag of boy clothes for $15!)
  14. Longer naps for Finch
  15. Rooney's little school friends
  16. Panera Rapid Pick-up
  17. A chubby baby
  18. Texts from my siblings
  19. A banana bread delivery
  20. A cancer-free report for my brother
  21. HopeKids (Rooney's Sunday school)
  22. Avocados
  23. Perfect fall weather
  24. Puddle Jumpers
  25. Finding a gym we want to join
  26. Baby swings
  27. Essential oils
  28. Winning blog giveaways
  29. Having our family prayed over
  30. Birthdays