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vest: Madewell
jumper: TJ Maxx
sandals: Target

I love reading style/lifestyle blogs because it's like shopping with friends, but you don't have to leave your couch. Maybe that sounds lazy, but it's great for me when I have a few minutes to myself during naptime. Online shopping is my jam, and style blogs are like being able to see what your friends are trying on and loving.

That's where I get most of my ideas and find things I want to buy and wear. I will usually show Eric a piece of clothing that I am thinking about buying and then he will ask, "Who has this? Sydney or Kendi?" Those girls have great style, for sure, but the answer is usually Jen. And then Linda bought this romper too! Us three have similar taste and body shape/size, so if it works on them, it usually can work on me, too. I was so glad to find this in my local store, since TJ Maxx can be hit or miss.

Who's your style muse?

P.S. Rooney's dress is a hand-me-down from Target, and her well-loved sleep sack is by Baby Deedee.

conversations with Rooney / 3

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Conversations with Rooney, at this point, are mostly a reflection of things we say to her. It can really stop you in your tracks as a parent, making you think about the words you choose (I'm not even talking about foul language, but simply being more positive and saying "Let's use kind words" rather than "That's not nice."

Sometimes she repeats things we've said or talked about before, and we're surprised to realize that she now has the ability to remember things from previous days. Other times she says things that make us belly laugh. You just can never be sure what will come out of that cute little mouth.

When she saw I was about to take a drink of water: "Be careful! I want you to be careful, mommy."

Hands Eric and I each a quarter: "Here's some money for you, daddy. Here's some money for you, mommy."
Me: "Oh thank you, what could I buy with this?"
Rooney: "Um, pancakes!"
Eric: "What could I buy with this?"
Rooney: "Um, Sun-a-Butter!"

"Look how sky the blue is!"

While rubbing coconut oil on my arm: "Whoa, that's a big arm, mommy!"

"Good job mommy, you go potty like a big girl go potty!"

After the UPS man dropped off a package: "Pizza!"

After pointing out to her the hot air balloon flying above our neighborhood (a rare sighting): "I want it!"

Right after we pulled out of our driveway: "We're almost there!"

After a few minutes of watching Wheel of Fortune: "Hey, that's not Elmo!"

Me to Rooney when she was playing with a present I bought for her friend's birthday: "Oh, be careful! I don't want you to break it."
Rooney: "Say please!"

After I sneezed VERY loudly: "You OK???"

After kicking me under the table, and I moved my legs: "You kicking me?"

While giving a thumbs up: "Thumb ups!"

Me, talking about her fruit snack: "That's a big one!"
Rooney: "Yes, it is, isn't it?" 

After I pointed out a hole in her sleep sack: "Yeah, mommy needs to wash it again."

Talking about stoplights: "Green means fast and orange means slow."

Rooney: "I wanna go to Adah's house!"
Me: "Oh, honey, that's so nice."
Rooney: "You call her mom please?"

While walking on the sidewalk with a sucker in her hand: "My hands are full!"

P.S. More conversations with Rooney

family date night / 01

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Eric and I used to have date night every Thursday. We'd put Rooney to bed and then watch a movie or paint a wall or eat ice cream or work in the basement together. We each got to pick every other week what we wanted to do (we have very different love languages so after 7 years of marriage we realized that was the best way for us to do it). 


Fast forward to now when Rooney doesn't go to bed until 8:30, and Eric goes to bed at 9:00. This does not leave us adequate time for a date. :( So last week we made the most of it and had a family date night!


It started with yoga. None of us do yoga on a regular basis but it's something we'd like to do more of. I found a great app called Super Stretch that is geared toward kids but was perfect for all of us as beginners. I used to think that you didn't get the benefit of yoga if you don't do the pose correctly or breathe at the right time, but when a child is your instructor you totally realize that it's fine to just do your best!


We did the 15-minute routine three times, because Rooney was so into it. Afterward, we gave each other back massages with coconut oil (Rooney loves to rub it on us) and ate ice cream.


It was a really fun time as a family to try something new, get active and laugh!


pretty in pink

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romper: vintage
shoes: Converse

Look at this sweet little girl! I may have bribed her with a sucker to take this photo, but I just had to get a picture of her in my childhood romper!

Here's a snapshot of me wearing the same romper, with a fabulous side pony and broken arm, back in 1988. Please note that I was 4.5 years old, and Rooney is only 2...


And a picture of my older sister, Kari, wearing the romper (also 4.5 years old with a broken right arm):

Photo Jul 11, 9 48 34 PM.jpg

Proof that I always wanted to be like my sister. (I'm not sure what I'm wearing here, but check out the infamous "bird couch"!)

Rooney wanted to jump off our bed today, but Eric and I stopped her in an effort to not repeat history of wearing this romper with a broken arm. Fingers crossed!