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jacket: Madewell
T-shirt: Madewell
jeans: c/o Level 99
shoes: Converse

A few months ago, I bought this jacket for Eric to give me for my birthday. Does anyone else do that? I love birthdays and good surprises, but I am pretty picky when it comes to...well, everything, but especially I just prefer to pick out my own gifts. (He also got me this jacket. Doesn't he have good taste?)

Anyway, I turn 31 this week! And I think this next year is going to be a really good one.

how to keep your toddler busy for an entire hour

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Alternate title: This is what I do while Eric watches football.*

Rooney loves orange, so I thought she would enjoy helping me find all the orange things we have around the house. She is 2.5 and knows all her colors, but this was a great activity and would be good for younger toddlers who are just learning.


We included things from my jewelry collection and Rooney's room and even the kitchen cupboards. She thought it was pretty fun, so we continued through the rainbow...


(Does this count as homeschooling?)

P.S. I may have had more fun than Rooney, but I promise she was still pretty into it!

*For the record, I don't hate football. I actually enjoy lazy days around the house more than my husband so when the TV is on and he's got his feet propped up, I'm usually like "FINALLY! We can just relax for a bit" :)


mix and un-match

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cardigan: Madewell
T-shirt: J.Crew (similar)
necklace: Acanthus Jewelry c/o Jess Lively

pants: Gap
shoes: Kohl's

One of my favorite things to do with fashion is to NOT match. At first glance, these pants and shirt do NOT go together, but somehow I think it works.

We've had some awesome fall weather here lately. Today was sunny + 70 degrees! I pulled out these camo pants and was a little shocked that they were so hard to pull on. Yikes. I guess summer was good to me. Perhaps I should not eat an entire bag of Tootsie Rolls when my husband is out of town? :/

P.S. Ha! I just realized I've worn this outfit before.

conversations with Rooney / 04

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A handful of suckers I found in our van. #toddlers

A handful of suckers I found in our van. #toddlers

Me: ***crumpling a stack of crackers into my soup***
Rooney: "Ohhh, that not very nice."

Me: "Should we have another baby?"
Rooney: "No, just Rooney."
Me: "Do you want a sister or a brother?"
Rooney: "Stop talking mommy!"

Me: "OK, time to get your pants on."
Rooney: "Line up, monkeys!"

Swatting at the air: "Shoo fly! Go away to your house!"

After making a mess in the kitchen: "Oh, bum-mer!" 

After eating jelly beans: "I need a drink water, my tummy's full."

Me: ***getting dressed***
Rooney: "I wanna wear big girl unnerwear like a mommy like a daddy."

Me: ***walking in the door after being gone all day, wearing tights and lipstick***
Rooney: "Mom! I missed you! Mom, look at your toes! Mom, look at your mouth!"

Carrying my ankle boots: "You wanna wear these shoes tonight?!"

Me: "Would it be OK if mommy had a baby?"
Rooney: "Two babies!"
Me: "How about just one baby?"
Rooney: "How about just two?"

***photo from my Instagram