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30 things I'm grateful for in April

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  1. When guac is not extra
  2. The lady who let me and Finch go in front of her at the Urgent Care clinic
  3. Seeing my kids hang onto hands in the back of the van
  4. Belly laughing with Rooney
  5. Snapchat face lenses (I'm kelseycwilliams on there)
  6. Toy Blast app (not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that I'm on level 382)
  7. Five consecutive workdays without a sick kid (followed by several weeks of good health for Finch!)
  8. Rooney's health this winter...she was our rock
  9. "Neon Steeple" album by Crowder
  10. Eric teaching me how to play cribbage
  11. A lunch date with Eric
  12. A great meeting with our financial's good to get perspective when you feel stuck in the day-to-day
  13. Sleeping on clean sheets
  14. Seeing Finch's first smile every morning after I nurse him
  15. Hearing birds chirping outside
  16. Pizza Hut chocolate chip cookie pizza
  17. Italian sausage and beef lasagna from Costco
  18. Google...what would we do without it???
  19. Eric folding the laundry for me
  20. Free froyo day at Orange Leaf
  21. Crawling back into bed with Rooney at 6:00 am after feeding Finch
  22. Blossoming trees
  23. Fuzzy's Taco Shop
  24. 75-degree weather
  25. Double strollers
  26. Meeting Instagram friends in real life
  27. Zara baby trousers
  28. A hotel swimming weekend with my family
  29. When my sister steals my's nice to have a break and I know he's in good hands
  30. That Eric jumped on the Gilmore Girls train (we just started season 6!)

Finch, 10 months

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  • Nursing
  • Standing
  • Baths
  • Paper (especially eating it)
  • Dancing
  • Mirrors
  • Mommy's phone
  • Biting :-(


  • Weight: 23 lbs 3 oz (fully clothed)
  • Clothing size: 12-18 months
  • Diaper size: 4 during the day and 5 at night
  • Teeth: 5




  • Diaper changes
  • When I leave him at day care
  • Not being able to walk
  • Being thrown in the air


We are still breastfeeding! He is very distractible when he eats - it's best if we are in a quiet, dark room. He loves to play with my nose while he eats, or fish hook my mouth.

He signs "all done" when he wants to get out of his high chair. At first I thought this was a fluke, but he's done it more than once.

New table foods this month:

  • Pickles
  • Avocado


  • Bedtime: 4:30-6:30 pm (depends on his naps)
  • Wake-up time: 6:45-7:30 am
  • Eats once in the middle of the night (usually between 4:00-5:00 am) 
  • Takes 2-3 naps

He does not nap much during the day (sometimes just two 20-minute naps), but he makes up for it at night! He sleeps 12-14 hours total (with one nighttime feeding). He will usually wake up once or twice, but is good at putting himself back to sleep. We did have to sleep train him again after his time in the hospital, but this time it only took one night! We have to do a very early bedtime (usually 5:00 pm) to make sure he gets his sleep before getting out the door to daycare in the morning, but I'm so thankful he sleeps well, especially because he didn't the first 7 months of his life. I actually very much like our schedule right now. I'm getting pretty good sleep, and Eric and I are able to spend quality time with just Rooney for a couple hours before she goes to bed, and then quality time together just the two of us after she goes to bed.



  • Has taken three steps
  • Words: dada, baba
  • Dances
  • Can open drawers
  • Swings doors
  • Started cruising around furniture
  • Blows raspberries
  • Waves goodbye
  • Claps
  • Points with his whole hand


  • He spent two days in the hospital with bronchiolitis (also had a double ear infection)
  • Got a terrible diaper rash while on an antibiotic
  • Got hives (a rash on his body caused by a virus)
  • Stomach bug (or something that caused him to vomit three times at daycare)
  • Had bronchiolitis AGAIN
  • We bathe him once a week


I felt like a nurse most of the month...sucking out his nose, applying chest rub, giving him medicine, taking his temperature...and so many doctor appointments!

I realized recently that we spent our first night away from Rooney when she was this age. Obviously that was easier to do because she was bottle-feeding. I nurse him before bed and in the morning, so it hasn't really been on my mind yet as a possibility...but I'm not itching to do it, either.

Even though we've had a tough month with illnesses, I found myself thinking many times that this is one of the very best ages. I love when he wants to play rough and when he blows raspberries. I also love that he has started to wave and clap! He continues to bring us (and everyone he meets) so much JOY!



  • Walking (dare I say it? but he's getting heavy!)
  • Getting outside more
  • Trying more table foods
  • Communicating with him via pointing, signing and words

Happy 10 months, Finchy! We're so glad you joined our crazy family.

Easter 2016

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Better late than never, right?! We had such a fun Easter weekend! My mom came down to stay with us Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon we went to church. I'm the kind of gal who loves going to church on Saturdays, and I'm so glad our church has a Saturday option (actually four Saturday options on Easter weekend).

My sister and her family also joined us. It was such a great celebration. The service renewed my hope that my fear and shame have nothing on Jesus. Love wins! Plus, Finch wore a bow tie! All the heart eyes.


Then we went out for an early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Gosh, I love that place. We've done this for a few years now and I really love the tradition. I got a peach smoothie and the grilled chicken & avocado club! Yum-o. The wait for a table was 50 minutes and dinner itself took a couple hours, but I was super proud of all the kids for behaving so well!


I didn't do Easter baskets this year, but we did have a little hunt in our basement for Roo Saturday morning. I put candy, gum and coins inside the eggs, but left one empty, representing the empty tomb. Rooney loved it! Which resulted in playing "Easter egg hunt" the rest of the weekend, ...and this wonderful mess, which she blamed on her younger brother...


We finished the weekend with another Easter egg hunt at Rooney's friend Caleb's house. Rooney was the oldest kid there so she totally dominated...I'm thinking there may be more competition next year!


Another cool thing that happened: Eric was asked by one of our church campuses to do live "sketch notes" at their four Easter services (you can see photos on his Instagram here and here). I'm really proud of him, and I think we both have a renewed appreciation for pastors and worship leaders who work in ministry, especially on the "big" holidays when there are added services. A lot goes into it!

Hope you had a great Easter as well! He is risen!

31 things I'm grateful for in March

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  1. Watching Free Willy with Rooney (it's on Amazon Prime!)
  2. "Conversations" with Finch...he loves when we mimic him and we all end up giggling
  3. Hy-vee Fuel Saver
  4. Tender moments with Finch, even at 3:00 am
  5. Zingo game
  6. Rooney's eagerness to help me at the grocery store
  7. The way Rooney writes FINCH
  8. That most of my kids' problems can be solved with a hug and a kiss (or a nursing session)
  9. That we're still in the stage of life where our kids don't have any activities and we spend most nights at home together 
  10. The ability to walk
  11. The ability to talk
  12. The ability to smell
  13. The ability to taste
  14. The ability to hear
  15. Taking baths with Roo
  16. Finchy being discharged from the hospital
  17. Access to excellent health care for my baby when he is sick
  18. A friend who took Rooney for a walk to the park so I could focus on Finch when he was sick
  19. Another friend who came to our house to be with Rooney so Eric and I could both be with Finch when he needed to go to the hospital
  20. Being able to witness an amazing Celebration of Life for a local police officer who died in the line of duty
  21. Finch sleeping 12 hours straight
  22. Eric blogging again
  23. Dancing With the Stars
  24. American Idol
  25. No shots at either of the kids' well-child check-ups this month
  26. A grocery store that gives free bananas, clementines, Colby Jack cheese slices and cookies to kids while parents shop
  27. Chicken, bacon and avocado on toast
  28. A haircut I really love
  29. WordBubbles! app
  30. Gummy worms
  31. A great conference with Rooney's preschool teacher