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A handful of suckers I found in our van. #toddlers

A handful of suckers I found in our van. #toddlers

Me: ***crumpling a stack of crackers into my soup***
Rooney: "Ohhh, that not very nice."

Me: "Should we have another baby?"
Rooney: "No, just Rooney."
Me: "Do you want a sister or a brother?"
Rooney: "Stop talking mommy!"

Me: "OK, time to get your pants on."
Rooney: "Line up, monkeys!"

Swatting at the air: "Shoo fly! Go away to your house!"

After making a mess in the kitchen: "Oh, bum-mer!" 

After eating jelly beans: "I need a drink water, my tummy's full."

Me: ***getting dressed***
Rooney: "I wanna wear big girl unnerwear like a mommy like a daddy."

Me: ***walking in the door after being gone all day, wearing tights and lipstick***
Rooney: "Mom! I missed you! Mom, look at your toes! Mom, look at your mouth!"

Carrying my ankle boots: "You wanna wear these shoes tonight?!"

Me: "Would it be OK if mommy had a baby?"
Rooney: "Two babies!"
Me: "How about just one baby?"
Rooney: "How about just two?"

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Web gems // 43

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Happy Sunday! Did you have a good weekend? We rearranged Rooney's bedroom on Friday to make room for her big girl bed, resulting in not a lot of sleep that night. She still chose to sleep in her crib, which is totally fine, but she seemed to be shaken up at the fact that such a big change might be coming soon.

On Saturday, Eric's mom came down and we were able to sneak off on a date! We bought a couple albums at the record store and went to a movie! We saw The Giver. It's my favorite book from childhood and even though the movie is A LOT different, I still really enjoyed it. Has anyone else seen it yet?

Here are a few links I've enjoyed over the past couple months, and wanted to share:

Abby + Jordan get married

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My cousin Abby got married last month and we had such a great time that I wanted to share it here. The wedding was personal and very godly, and after hearing more of the details, I loved it even more. It was seriously the simplest and most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.


The ceremony and reception were held at the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, Minn. Our uncle was the officiant (he married Eric and me, too). We watched from below as the couple and their attendants stood on the stairs/balcony, with 1,500 book pages hanging from the ceiling. I was in awe the whole time!


The bride's gorgeous party dress (shown above) was found on the sale rack (!!!) at Topshop. She said many of the beads were missing so she bought a shirt at Anthropologie with similar beads and sewed them on. She also made all of the guys' boutonnieres!


Her ceremony dress was originally worn by our grandmother 64 years ago in 1950. Isn't it amazing? I love this photo of them together! Also, check out the bride's mint heels!


The bridesmaid dresses were all purchased on sale from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. I think she even said they were all $20 or less (before alterations).


Watching for the bride to appear. Of course I'm crying because all I can think about is him walking her down the aisle some day.


After the wedding, everyone went outside (it was gorgeous, the weather was perfect) for appetizers and to greet the couple in the receiving line. Rooney was OBSESSED with the bride. Every three minutes, she'd ask me where "Abby Abby" was. I'm not sure how she got it in her head that her name was Abby Abby, but it was adorable. And Abby was very gracious and always gave Roo attention when she could.


Can you tell the bride used to work at Anthropologie?


I'm still hoping to get my hands on one of these centerpieces! They were amazing. The wood stumps were cut by the groom's dad and the sticks were found in the bride's mom's yard and spray-painted gold and stuck in wine bottles that she collected from friends.


In addition to the kids' meals coming out right away, they had custom coloring sheets and stickers for the kids! Genius.


We spent a lot of time at the snack table :) My favorites were the heart-shaped Junior Mints and mint-colored paper straws. The "cake" (not shown) was an impressive donut tower with donuts and donut holes in lieu of a traditional cake.


She's a model, he's in the music industry. What do you get an artsy couple? A custom illustration by Though Very Humble. (I made them open it during the dance so I could see their reaction. They loved it!)

Thanks, Abby and Jordan, for throwing such a fun party! I hope you are enjoying Italy!

Most photos by me. Three professional snaps by TeaPea Weddings.

$150 Sunuva giveaway!

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Well, summer, it's been fun! Like, really fun. Possibly the MOST fun summer I've had since Eric and I started dating...11 years ago! But our pools and splash parks are now closed for the season, and our swim bag is preparing for hibernation.

Rooney likes to be around water, but being in water is a completely different story. At least it was until this past weekend. We went to the aquatic center with my family and Roo finally got comfortable with getting wet! (My dad forced her down a little water slide and then under a waterfall and after that she wasn't afraid anymore. Witnessing it made so many lightbulbs go off in my head about why I am the way I am after growing up with a dad like that. Haha.) Anyway, it was amazing and so much fun to see her smiling and splashing. Until we tried to leave to go eat dinner. She was the last one to get out!

It's OK, Roo...we'll plan an indoor water park adventure for this winter!

How cute is Roo's swimsuit from Sunuva? Eric and I are huge fans of rash guards for Roo. They keep her skin protected (Sunuva's UPF 50+ swimwear blocks 97% of the sun's harmful rays!) and it's also super easy to change her diaper if needed, because it's still a two-piece suit. For little girls I also love the striped rash guard and the Mexicana dress!

This is a really well-made suit - much nicer and thicker than her Old Navy suit - and not something I would normally be able to afford (Rooney's clothing budget is only $10/month, so we always shop sales and get a lot of hand-me-downs). If we went swimming every day, I can tell this suit would hold up really well. The embroidery is amazing, the wooden buttons on the arms add such a cute detail and I'm pretty sure those bottoms wouldn't be see-through after a summer at the pool like most other suits would.

I totally get that this is a luxury swimwear brand, so I'm excited to be able to give away $150 for one of you to spend at Sunuva! Now is the time to snag these awesome suits on sale! (FYI - they run true to size. Roo is 2.5 years old and wearing size 2-3. Rooney has worn her suit several times and it has washed really well too.)

Use the Rafflecopter widget below for several ways to enter.

Rooney's suit (top / bottomswas provided to us by Sunuva, but this is not a sponsored post. I am a genuine fan of their brand and am grateful to get to share it with you. Good luck! And thanks, as always, for reading Snappy Casual!

P.S. I got brave at the pool too! Check out this video!

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