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37 weeks

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dress / 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (non-maternity)
leggings / Ingrid & Isabel
shoes / Target

  • How far along: 37 weeks
  • What's new: We made it to full-term! Such a relief after being in the hospital at 27 weeksI am seeing my midwives weekly now and also continuing weekly non-stress tests. I am measuring right on but have not been checked. I occasionally have menstrual-type cramps, so I feel like things are starting! With Rooney I was 3 cm dilated already! My midwife said they could check me next week if I want, even though it's not a great indicator of when I'll go into labor (they do not do routine checks until 40 weeks).
  • To do this week:
    • Pick up glider from my sister (we are borrowing it for a while)
    • Paint canvas for the nursery
    • Install baby car seat
    • Pamper myself: prenatal massage, pedicure, haircut and color, eyebrow wax
    • Staycation babymoon with Eric (my sister is taking Rooney for a few days!)
  • Baby's size: 6ish pounds
  • Total weight gain: 25 pounds
  • Baby's heart rate: 140 bpm
  • Maternity clothes: My thighs have nearly outgrown my maternity jeans. My belly is outgrowing the full panel as well. I still feel good in dresses and leggings!
  • Gender: Boy
  • Symptoms:
    • Leg cramps (one night it was so bad that I asked Eric to rub Lavender oil on them before bed and it helped so much!)
    • Itchy belly
    • Abdominal/back cramps
  • Sleep: I have started to sleep with a pillow behind my back for extra support. I stay up way too late on my phone every night, shopping for baby clothes and reading my pregnancy apps, etc. I will probably be kicking myself when he comes for not sleeping more, but it helps me process through everything that is going on, have a little time to myself and feel more prepared.
  • What I miss: Fitting in booths at restaurants. Being the fun parent. :-) But really, I am actually feeling very nostalgic about this being the last time I am pregnant. I love feeling his kicks throughout the day!
  • Cravings: Qdoba 3-Cheese Nachos
  • Nursery update: I am waiting for some pieces from The Land of Nod to arrive, as well as our blackout shade! I'm also hoping to paint a canvas for his room this weekend. You can check out the canvas we painted for Rooney's nursery here (still my most popular post ever!).
  • Mommy thoughts:
    • Last time at this point I was going to bed at 7:15 pm...ha! Rooney doesn't go to bed until at least 8:00 pm (and sometimes doesn't fall asleep until 9:00 or 10:00. Pregnancy is very different with a toddler.
    • I am hoping he will stay inside until June, but with the way I am feeling I wonder if he has other plans!
    • This article on postnatal depletion is fascinating. I'm so glad I came across it! After Rooney was born, I lost a lot of weight very quickly and physically felt so depleted and weak, which, especially when combined with sleep deprivation, made it very hard to keep up with breastfeeding. I am very passionate about maternal health - physical, mental, emotional - after baby is born, when the focus often switches from mom to baby. Growing a baby is hard work on mom!

baby #2 FAQ #5

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I've gotten a few baby-related questions recently so I thought I'd answer them here. Can't believe we are down to three weeks (or less)!

Did you go back and forth a lot before you decided you were ready for baby #2, or did the decision just kind of come along and stick?

I felt the urge creeping up on me last summer, but Eric wasn't really open to it because he was unhappy with his job and wanted to focus on that first. Once September hit (and he had just quit his job), I was like, "I need a baby in my belly ASAP!" Rooney was 2.5 then and it finally seemed like we could handle another one. And then it happened so fast! There have been several times during this pregnancy where I've been like "What were we thinking?!" but overall we're both happy with the three-year spacing.


Do you have any fears about what to do with Rooney when you are giving birth or recovering post-birth?

Yes! I'm glad that this time around I don't have to start from scratch on decisions like where he'll go to daycare or who will be his pediatrician, but one thing I did have to figure out was who will watch Roo when my labor starts. We don't have family in town and rarely use a babysitter, so I worry that she will not feel comfortable or secure when we leave for the hospital. I hope that we be able to sense that my labor is starting and have a few hours to prepare her, but it could be totally rushed and chaotic!

After the baby is born, I'd like Eric to stay with me in the hospital as I recover and to bond with the baby, but I also don't want Rooney to feel abandoned. She loves to spend time with her cousins, but if she goes there for a few days, will she feel like she's been replaced?

I know I'm not the first mom to feel these things and that Roo will likely not remember the details, but my mama heart wants the best for her!


What is your biggest fear leading up to the birth of baby #2?

Probably experiencing postpartum depression again. It was quite rough for the first few weeks of Rooney's life, until I stopped breastfeeding. If this time is similar, how will I handle that while taking care of a baby and a toddler?

I also wonder... What if this child is more difficult to handle than Rooney has been? Would I love him just as much, or would I resent him? What if my bond with him is not as strong as it is with Rooney? What if my kids aren't friends? What if Rooney wishes she had a sister instead???


Although parents having their second child are more "seasoned," they are also prone to irrational fears (aren't we all!). I'd love to hear about one of your irrational fears and how you overcame it (if you did!).

My siblings are the best gift my parents ever gave me, so I don't know why I'm so worried about how this baby will affect her life in the short-term. I have hope they will be close playmates and friends forever!

And here are the other pregnancy FAQ posts, if you're interested!

family photo time capsule / 05

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Every year, usually in May, we take a family photo in front of this graffiti wall at our church. It's a fun way to see how our family has grown and changed over the years!

Big thanks to our friend Shandy for taking this year's photo - we got there just as it was starting to rain! I really wanted one of the time capsule photos to include a pregnant belly so I'm glad we got it in before his arrival. Crazy to think that next year there will be a little boy in the photo with us!


If you're interested, here's a look at our past photos. I'm bummed we missed 2011, but we've still managed a good collection since 2010!







conversations with Rooney / 10

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This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods.

Rooney keeps us laughing over here! Here are a few things she's said recently that I just had to write down...

"Mommy, can you kiss it? Because your lips are really nice."

"Only mommies or daddies can have babies in their tummies. I can't because I'm not really bigger. But Jude is bigger! He's like a mommy and a daddy." (Jude is 5.)

"High five, Mommy! You found a new park!"

"Mommy, sometimes I don't see you and I miss you because I love you."

"Sometimes kids don't eat food all."

Rooney: "My gum's all gone."
Me: "Oh no, did you swallow it? We need to spit it out when we're done."
Rooney: "Ohhh. I gotcha." 

Me: "What do you want to pray for tonight?"
Rooney: "God! And friends. And marshmallows!"

Me: "Will you go to the grocery store with me?"
Rooney, on her iPad: "Nope. We don't have time to go to the store."

Rooney: "Daddies don't cry!"
Me: "Yes they do."
Rooney: "When?"
Me: "When they get owies or when they're sad. Do mommies cry?"
Rooney: "Yeah."
Me: "When?"
Rooney: "When the baby comes!"

Rooney: "Can we go to the Science Center?"
Me: "Yeah...someday."
Rooney: "It is some day!"

Me: (grunt)
Rooney: "What?"
Me: "Oh, I'm tired and my tummy is really full."
Rooney: "And you have a really big baby in your tummy."

Me: "What is your favorite food?"
Rooney, after thinking about it for a while: "I always really like treats."

Rooney: "You count to 20 and I'll go hide!"
Me (because I'm lazy): "I want to color."
Rooney: "We can't have time to color right now!" 

Me: "Everybody's toots stink a little bit."
Rooney: "I don't!"

"My pull-up keeps pooping."

"I'm gonna be a Rooney-mom when I grow up!"

"You're my best mommy forever!"

Rooney: "Why is my name Rooney?"
Me: "Because that's what mommy and daddy picked for you."
Rooney: "I want to change my name. I want to be a Emma!"
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry, we picked Rooney."
Rooney: "No fanks."

"I'm not growing up very well. Jude is growing up."

Me: "Can you please help me set the table?"
Rooney: "I sure can!"

"Daddy, you wanna come change my poopy?"

"One day, in a great big city, there was a really big girl who went on the potty all by herself, and it was me!"

Rooney: "I'm thirsty! I'm thirsty!"
Me: *hands her water*
Rooney: "Thanks, lady!"

Having trouble pedaling her trike: "Maybe it needs new batteries."


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