my outfit: day 10 of 30

wednesday, nov. 17, 2010

the look:
top: forever 21
cardigan: h&m
necklace: gap
jeans: express
shoes: dsw (jessica simpson)


it’s day 10! i’m excited that i’m one-third of the way through the challenge because:

1. i miss the rest of my closet. or at least the ease of throwing on whatever i want and not having to think so hard.
2. my TOMS are on their way! (i had to exchange them) and i want to wear them. :)
3. i’d like to purchase some items that will help me remix better in the future (waist belts, just-above-the-knee skirts, colored tights).


today. my biggest problem was that i hadn’t planned ahead of time what i was going to wear. and i woke up a bit late. and we weren’t supposed to wear jeans to work today. so i wore black jeans. does that count?

i was really down on my outfit this morning, and was wondering if anyone would notice if i didn’t post photos today. then a trusted friend said she liked it and that it was soft and i should own it. i agreed (i mean i did let myself out of the house with it on) and promised i would rock it with a smile for the rest of the day.

and i do like it in these photos, but maybe gray ankle jeans would be better. if i had some. note to self.

do you have days like this? am i just being silly?