my outfit: day 12 of 30

friday, nov. 19, 2010

the look:
undershirt: american apparel
dress: target
cardigan: american apparel (buy)
belt: target
tights: target
boots: urban outfitters 


today was a good and productive day. except that i was kind of forgetful.

i forgot my wedding ring at home (i only take it off when i do my hair) so i felt naked all day. then when i got home from work i realized i had forgotten my camera cord at work. so i went back to work to get it so i could post these photos (12 minutes each way). not cool. but worth it, right? ;)

my friends and their one-month-old are in town so we are going to dinner with them tonight. i can’t wait to meet the new guy! then they’re having some professional shots taken of their son at my house tomorrow morning. good things.