my outfit: day 18 of 30

thursday, nov. 25, 2010 (happy thanksgiving!)

the look:
dress: american apparel (buy)
sweatshirt: american apparel (buy)
belt: target
coat: target (buy)
leggings: target
shoes: old navy

family thanksgiving, harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1

one thing the remix has taught me is that it’s ok to pair brown, gray and black in one outfit. i’m taking advantage of that today and i also wanted to be as comfy as possible. :) E’s mom, stepdad, sister and nephew came this morning and we had a nice meal together at our house, then we played some games (scrabble flash and wii). my favorite part of the meal was E’s bbq chicken wings, the corn and rolls (remember i told you that i’m a picky eater?).

i am so thankful for my life, that i am alive and that God gives me breath, and let’s me talk to Him, and all the other blessings He has given me. that my basic needs are met on a daily basis and i don’t have to think about where i’m going to sleep or if i have enough clothes to wear or if i will be able to find something to eat. i’m thankful for my health and the health of my family. for my dear husband for being the best ever. for my mom, dad, sister and brother, and in-laws and nephews and nieces, and all my family, and that they love me unconditionally. for my friends and my job. i’m thankful for this blog and the remix and learning to not be wasteful with the clothes i have. and for you, all my sweet little blog readers :)

now, we’re going to the movies! the hubs and i want to see harry potter, and my mother-in-law, stepdad-in-law and nephew are going to see tangled. peace!