happy Christmas!

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen; card by   Minted

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen; card by Minted

Wishing you and yours a "happy" Christmas (can you tell we've been watching The Crown?)! I've shared our Christmas cards on here as far back as I can remember, but to be honest, I considered not sending cards this year (I wondered if it was still worth it considering the prevalence of social media, not to mention the cost), but Eric knew I would regret it so he pushed me to do it — and I really love how it turned out. (The 25% off Cyber Monday deal helped, too!)

We started our Christmas a few days early with gifts and church, then had three wonderfully slow days with family and are looking forward to even more celebrations in the coming weeks. I really think this was my favorite Christmas yet. Our kids  — especially Rooney — were so into it and made it even more magical. At first Finch didn't care at all about unwrapping gifts, but then he realized there were fun toys inside ;) I love at his age (2.5) that they still want to play with each item before unwrapping the next thing.

And of course we are always trying to teach them that the best gift isn't under the tree ... it is the gift of a Savior who was born for each and every one of us. As Finch has been singing on repeat all week long, "Go, tell it on the mountain!"