28 weeks

when: sunday, dec. 18, 2011

what i wore:

shirt: modbod

necklace: c/o charming charlie via txscc (i think)

cardigan: wallace via madewell

jeggings: american eagle

belly panel: forever 21

shoes: poetic licence (won via @wemusthaveshoes)

where: church

  • i’m officially in the third trimester! and i’m getting really excited that in 12-ish weeks we’ll be bringing home a baby. my mental/emotional state has improved a lot in the past few weeks. i think starting our birth class was a big factor in that. remember how overwhelmed i was just a couple weeks ago?
  • i really love my belly. it’s so big and round now! i think it’s quite a bit bigger than last week, so we’re pretty sure i’m growing daily. it’s fun because more people notice and ask me how i’m feeling and when i’m due. i love it because i try not to talk about it unless people ask. (i don’t want to be an annoying pregnant lady!)
  • my wedding ring still fits, but it’s starting to feel tight. i usually take it off at night so that i don’t wake up one day and can’t get it off!
  • it’s very fun to be pregnant around Christmastime…thinking about Mary having Jesus and what she must have been feeling, and also seeing all our family members and showing off my belly :)
  • pre-term labor is my biggest worry right now. eric’s, too. i want this little girl to stay in there until it’s safe to come out. symptom-wise sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between what’s normal and what’s not…so i just keep monitoring and asking and reading and praying.
  • i’ve been sleeping through the night without trips to the bathroom for months now. i’m not sure how much longer it will last, but i have definitely enjoyed it!
  • i am loving button-down blouses right now, but i don’t think they’re the most flattering for my belly. i’m planning to switch to tighter tops.
  • i have my glucose test in a couple hours! wish me luck!