fall challenge: 30 for 30

kendi has challenged me (and 336 others) to choose 30 items from my current closet and wear only those pieces (accessories do not count) in 30 different outfits for the next 30 days.the kicker: no shopping for 30 days. (!)

i’m scared!
i’ve never been this limited and i’m already second-guessing some of my items. some of them i’ve only worn once or twice because i’m not exactly sure what to pair them with. it could be genius, …or could be real painful.

but there’s probably no better lesson or challenge for me right now since i’ve recently launched this blog and want to be more creative rather than just keep adding to my closet. i’m excited to discover new combinations of pieces i already have and which core items i need to add to my wardrobe for better mixing in the future.

my 30 items
i had to keep in mind that most of my time is spent at the office (casual attire most days) and iowa’s weather will soon be transitioning from fall to winter. most days i like to wear jeans and casual tops, and thanksgiving is also coming up so it was necessary to keep it comfortable.

4 long-sleeved tops:

5 pairs of pants:

5 dresses:

5 cardigans (i know there are six pictured, but i’ve already swapped out the black blazer at bottom right with a purple dress that will be arriving later this week):

4 pairs of shoes:

2 boots:

1 skirt:

1 sweatshirt and 2 t-shirts:

stay tuned! i’ll continue to post my outfit photos 3-5 times a week!