30 items, 30 days, 30 outfits


  • because otherwise i would wear jeggings every single day.
  • because it gives me a purpose and a plan when i get dressed each morning.
  • because it produces creative outfits.
  • because it lets my clothes play with each other.
  • because i only want to buy things that i really love and that fit within my budget and my style. so i take 30 days off from shopping and re-evaluate.
  • because i need to constantly be reminded that i have enough clothes.
  • because i want to fall in love with my clothes again. i bought them for a reason, but i keep adding to my collection and, sadly, often forget about once-loved pieces.


i did shop during this challenge (i was on vacation!), but here’s what i think my spring/summer closet is missing:

  • nice, plain t-shirts (so i can look like this)
  • a pair of dressy shorts
  • a new pair of sandals
  • another swimming suit
  • floppy summer beach hat

you can also see my entire wardrobe wants list.

so, what do you think? what was your favorite outfit?