30 Things I'm Grateful for in April

  1. A husband who is good at making decisions when I'm not.
  2. Forgiveness when I leave the entire (full) carton of Rooney's milk on the counter all afternoon.
  3. The Honest Company for their work toward creating safe, natural products for the whole family. I'm personally not a huge fan of their diapers, but we have their lotion, bug spray, sunscreen, fruit/veggie spray, healing balm, etc.
  4. Crazy sales at Kohl's (I spent $7 and saved $71!).
  5. A husband who holds my hair back when I get sick.
  6. Little kids at day care who call me "Rooney's mom."
  7. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who saves me from my sin.
  8. Baby swings at the park.
  9. The Des Moines Farmer's Market, which starts this weekend!
  10. Access to stores that sell organic dairy, seeds, fruits and vegetables.
  11. Online shopping.
  12. Oxyclean.
  13. 75-degree spring days!
  14. Family walks with the stroller.
  15. Baby giggles.
  16. Selling our iMac.
  17. Minivans with automatic doors.
  18. My Nurse free health line.
  19. Pinterest.
  20. Police who risk their lives to save others.
  21. The "TV input" legend my husband made for me and taped to our remote.
  22. Antiquing finds!
  23. A free world globe to add to our new collection.
  24. A husband who works hard.
  25. Jean jackets.
  26. Succulents.
  27. A husband who clips baby fingernails.
  28. Living only 40 minutes from my sister.
  29. Free Redbox rental codes.
  30. Wheel of Fortune.