30 Things I'm Grateful for in June


Psst- I noticed that some of you post your grateful lists each month, too! I've added a link-up to the bottom of this post so I can easily check out your posts. Please share them with us!

  1. A mother-in-law who can sew! I picked out fabrics and she made the doll above using a pattern.
  2. My grandparents who let us stay at their second home for free.
  3. Treats from co-workers.
  4. A full week of vacation with my family.
  5. Vintage v-neck T-shirts from Old Navy.
  6. A kid with a high pain tolerance.
  7. A mother-in-law who buys us groceries.
  8. Parents who want to see us and come visit.
  9. Free breakfast at work.
  10. The free chair I picked up from work.
  11. Caesar salad.
  12. Hand-me-downs from Hayley.
  13. Watermelon Laffy Taffy.
  14. Pothos plants.
  15. Cuddling with Eric at 6:30 am on a lazy Sunday morning.
  16. The way social media brings about opportunities and brings people together.
  17. A Verizon discount through my employer.
  18. Great customer service by Aden + Anais.
  19. Chipotle.
  20. More confidence in my daily mothering.
  21. Answered prayers about a specific thing I asked for.
  22. Grace when I miss a writing deadline.
  23. The opportunity to give someone a surprise gift.
  24. Organic and gluten-free toddler snacks.
  25. After Bite.
  26. A husband who can play the guitar.
  27. Safe sunscreen for my kid (we've used Honest and BabyGanics, I like them both).
  28. Praying with my family before bed each night.
  29. The hugs Rooney gives right before she goes to bed.
  30. Norwex cleaning supplies.