30 weeks

  • i remember many months ago anticipating that my belly would eventually get this big, and being scared for that day to come. now that it’s here, i really love it! i love looking down and knowing it’s her in there.
  • total weight gain = 12 pounds (pretty soon i will regret that i started sharing this with you, won’t i?). i’m starting to notice this weight gain affecting my back muscles and my posture.
  • baby’s heart rate at yesterday’s appointment = 150 bpm
  • she is head down (although that could change at any time) and kicks all the time. and now that she’s bigger (about 3 pounds), i can make out some of her body parts. she loves to stick her butt up.
  • i thought i was having braxton-hicks contractions early on, but now i think i was mistaken since it hasn’t happened again and i’ve talked to my midwife about it. i am pretty sure i have no idea what a contraction feels like.
  • only 10 weeks to go and lots to do! ahh!