31 things I'm grateful for this August

  1. Glow sticks

  2. A sweet note in the mail from my favorite babysitter growing up

  3. When the kids are being chill

  4. Boating to lunch

  5. Boating to dinner

  6. Boating to the candy store

  7. Boating to the ice cream shop

  8. Rooney becoming more comfortable swimming in the lake

  9. Sleeping in

  10. Rooney’s deciding to play softball (and winning the lottery with her wonderful, knowledgeable and patient coaches)

  11. New pairs of Vans for the whole family

  12. My grandparents’ lake house

  13. Paddle boarding

  14. Redbox

  15. Getting lost in a novel

  16. Finding a good radio station

  17. Eric passing his third test (of seven) toward becoming a Certified Financial Planner

  18. Tow trucks

  19. New towels

  20. A good eyebrow wax

  21. Free tickets to the Iowa State Fair

  22. Two-day shipping

  23. Sales

  24. When Eric puts gas in my van

  25. When there’s no line at Old Navy

  26. That Rooney broken wrist didn’t require a cast

  27. The Enneagram

  28. Finch’s behavioral improvements

  29. Rooney’s love and excitement for going back to school (how do we have a second-grader?!)

  30. Golfing 18 holes

  31. Our chiropractor (see number 30)