31 things I'm grateful for in August

  1. Sweet corn
  2. Outdoor church
  3. Taking Rooney mini golfing for the first time
  4. Finding Dory movie
  5. Baking cookies as a family
  6. Finchy's top molars finally coming through
  7. Winning a pennant on Instagram
  8. Meeting my friend's 2-month-old baby boy, Rex
  9. When Finch hugs me and pats me on the back
  10. That I didn't have shingles
  11. When Eric gets home from work before me and the kids
  12. Running into the midwife who delivered Finch at the grocery store
  13. Getting Snapchats from my brother
  14. My grandparents' inspiring love
  15. That my mom is on Snapchat so I can send her little videos
  16. Both kids resting in their rooms at the same time
  17. Finding a nail salon that I love
  18. The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now
  19. Food truck surprise at work!
  20. More Toy Blast levels
  21. Half baked cookies
  22. Frozen peas as an ice pack
  23. Nordstrom mothers' lounge 
  24. Random acts of kindness
  25. The rain letting up just in time
  26. A free zoo
  27. Our nearest park putting in swings
  28. Sneaking in to the kids' rooms at night and watching them sleep
  29. Finding my long-lost sock
  30. That Eric and I were both home during a major poop situation with Finch
  31. Iowa State Fair