31 Things I'm Grateful for in July

photo (3)
photo (3)
  1. A surprise visit from friends who live in South Carolina.
  2. Time off around the holiday with family.
  3. That Rooney didn't get hurt too badly when her finger got caught under a door.
  4. That we're not germaphobes (it would be really stressful as a parent).
  5. A great local zoo.
  6. That Rooney did not wake up during recent thunderstorms.
  7. That Rooney did not wake up when our neighbors were setting off fireworks.
  8. A great partnership with You Need a Budget for our trip to the Texas Style Council.
  9. Seeing thousands of kids worship Jesus at our church's Vacation Bible School.
  10. No cavities for Eric (unfortunately, I can't say the same about myself).
  11. A date night to the movies (White House Down is really good!).
  12. After-sun lotion. (I got burned, too. :( )
  13. Picplum for printing my Instagram photos and automatically mailing them to our grandparents.
  14. Sweet emails from blog readers. (We love hearing from you!)
  15. The peace of mind that comes from finalizing our wills, living wills and powers of attorney.
  16. A husband who does not give up on me.
  17. Referral programs.
  18. Finding a fun dentist for Rooney.
  19. Confirmation that I am not pregnant (I was NINE DAYS LATE and freaking out).
  20. Peace in waiting to add to our family.
  21. A husband who packs and unpacks our minivan so efficiently.
  22. Curious George cartoon on Netflix (it's proving to be crucial to Roo's bedtime routine).
  23. A husband who wakes me up when I forget to set my alarm.
  24. A visit from my parents.
  25. Friends who babysit (for free, even!) so we can go to a baseball game.
  26. Bug bombs.
  27. Scratch Cupcakes.
  28. Relief from the 90° heat - last week was so refreshing!
  29. Gluten-free crepes at the farmer's market.
  30. People who share real, honest birth stories online.
  31. A husband who is open and honest with me in ways I could only dream of.