31 Things I'm Grateful for in March

  1. Friends who offer (free) babysitting services so I could surprise Eric with a real date night out for his birthday!
  2. The opportunity to visit and stay with gracious friends in Minneapolis.
  3. My new pretty bike!
  4. That Rooney has so many grandparents and family who love her.
  5. That I have not been stressed or overwhelmed lately with little things.
  6. Ikea for their affordable, beautiful furniture!
  7. A new vanity area to get ready at.
  8. Nonsmoking in restaurants and other public places.
  9. That we don't have any pets. :)
  10. The opportunity to do what I love (write and edit) for the largest ELCA church in the nation. It is an honor to do God's work!
  11. Diaper changing stations in men's bathrooms so I am not always responsible for her diapers in public.
  12. A husband who willingly takes care of his daughter.
  13. Plastic Jungle for buying a gift card that I was not going to use.
  14. The socialization Rooney gets at day care.
  15. A pay raise at work.
  16. A short commute to work (9 minutes) on very low-traffic roads.
  17. A husband who fills my vehicle with gas.
  18. A husband who cuts up the veggies.
  19. K-LOVE radio.
  20. Sunshine and no wind, making cold days a bit warmer.
  21. Spotify.
  22. Wholly Guacamole.
  23. Fooducate.
  24. An unexpected gift of cash.
  25. The ministry of our head pastor.
  26. An understanding couple who is gracious and kind after we backed out of photographing their wedding.
  27. A forgiving husband when I went overbudget on Rooney's first birthday party.
  28. The opportunity to hear Simon Estes sing (twice).
  29. The safe delivery of my friend's twin boys at 38 weeks.
  30. Modern medicine and technology.
  31. A night out with the gals while Eric stays home with Roo.
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