31 things I'm grateful for in March

  1. Watching Free Willy with Rooney (it's on Amazon Prime!)
  2. "Conversations" with Finch...he loves when we mimic him and we all end up giggling
  3. Hy-vee Fuel Saver
  4. Tender moments with Finch, even at 3:00 am
  5. Zingo game
  6. Rooney's eagerness to help me at the grocery store
  7. The way Rooney writes FINCH
  8. That most of my kids' problems can be solved with a hug and a kiss (or a nursing session)
  9. That we're still in the stage of life where our kids don't have any activities and we spend most nights at home together 
  10. The ability to walk
  11. The ability to talk
  12. The ability to smell
  13. The ability to taste
  14. The ability to hear
  15. Taking baths with Roo
  16. Finchy being discharged from the hospital
  17. Access to excellent health care for my baby when he is sick
  18. A friend who took Rooney for a walk to the park so I could focus on Finch when he was sick
  19. Another friend who came to our house to be with Rooney so Eric and I could both be with Finch when he needed to go to the hospital
  20. Being able to witness an amazing Celebration of Life for a local police officer who died in the line of duty
  21. Finch sleeping 12 hours straight
  22. Eric blogging again
  23. Dancing With the Stars
  24. American Idol
  25. No shots at either of the kids' well-child check-ups this month
  26. A grocery store that gives free bananas, clementines, Colby Jack cheese slices and cookies to kids while parents shop
  27. Chicken, bacon and avocado on toast
  28. A haircut I really love
  29. WordBubbles! app
  30. Gummy worms
  31. A great conference with Rooney's preschool teacher
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