31 things I’m grateful for this December

photo credit: Shandy Mikkelsen

photo credit: Shandy Mikkelsen

  1. A new, quiet garage door opener that doesn’t wake up the kids when Eric gets home from the gym

  2. Mary Poppins Returns matinee

  3. Our health insurance costs NOT going up next year

  4. Finch transitioning fabulously into his big-boy bed

  5. Eric installing remote start on my van

  6. Rooney being patient for two hours with me at the hair salon

  7. Finding time to volunteer in Rooney’s classroom

  8. Free Christmas crafts at our local library

  9. A fun Christmas outing with my coworkers

  10. Finch falling asleep in church on Christmas Eve

  11. Taking Rooney to her first broadway show, Aladdin

  12. Elderberry gummies

  13. Forgiveness when I forgot an appointment

  14. Kringla cookies

  15. That Rooney loves to wrap gifts

  16. Family movie nights

  17. The glow of Christmas tree lights at night

  18. Watching my kids on stage at their Christmas programs

  19. Pizza picnics in the living room

  20. New light fixtures (bye bye, boob lights!)

  21. A Million Little Things (who else is watching?!)

  22. Seeing my grandparents interact with my kids

  23. Rooney’s love for school

  24. The end of road construction, resulting in a quicker commute

  25. A new purse

  26. Dental insurance

  27. Kids in matching Christmas jammies

  28. Having our 2019 family meeting

  29. Convincing faux fiddle leaf fig trees that are reasonably priced

  30. Time off around the holidays

  31. The gift of an air fryer (please tell me your favorite ways to use it!)