31 Things I'm Grateful for in January

  1. Reconnecting with an Internet friend.
  2. Not needing to return any Christmas gifts!
  3. A generous bonus from Eric's work.
  4. A husband to make parenting decisions with.
  5. New tires and brakes on the minivan.
  6. A great discount on tires.
  7. A remote control for our TV.
  8. Valentine's conversation hearts.
  9. A great deal on Rooney's birthday balloons.
  10. Gifts in the mail from Internet friends.
  11. Texting conversations with Internet friends.
  12. A friend who gives me a ride when I need it.
  13. A fresh haircut.
  14. Ice cold water.
  15. A feature on the local news.
  16. Learning about essential oils with friends.
  17. Carpooling.
  18. A break from consumerism.
  19. Supportive emails from blog readers.
  20. Catching my fall when it's icy outside.
  21. A husband who blows the snow off our driveway.
  22. A family date for queso and cupcakes.
  23. Learning how to use a miter saw.
  24. Choosing a white paint for our house.
  25. A husband who loves IKEA as much as I do.
  26. Coconut oil popcorn.
  27. The opportunity to stay home with Rooney when she is sick.
  28. A job that I truly enjoy.
  29. Connecting with others on Instagram.
  30. A husband who lets me slip out of the house to run errands.
  31. Dinner with an old coworker.

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