33 weeks


hat / Madewell
T-shirt / Old Navy
jeans / H&M MAMA
shoes / Converse

  • How far along: 33 weeks
  • Baby's size: Honeydew
  • Maternity clothes: I am getting tired of wearing the same clothes over and over, but don't want to buy any more since this is our last baby and I've got less than seven weeks left! Plus, the weather will be changing soon so that will give me a few more options.
  • Gender: Boy
  • Baby names: We've had his name set for a few months! I love it!
  • Movement: His movement is great! I don't remember counting Rooney's kicks, but I'm much more aware of the importance of counting this time. He's getting bigger and there's less fluid now too so some of the kicks are really painful!
  • Symptoms: Sciatica - my least favorite pregnancy symptom! I get a shooting pain in my right buttock when I stand up after sitting for too long.
  • Sleep: I'm sleeping OK (seven-ish hours a night), but still super tired during the day!
  • What I miss: Having the energy to run after Rooney (she always wants to play Duck Duck Goose or have me chase her). Also, sitting comfortably on the floor.
  • Craving: Pineapple
  • Nursery update: We measured his bedroom window so we can order a blackout shade, but I still need to pick it out.
  • Mommy thoughts: I wonder if he will be born with hair. I hope so, but I haven't had any heartburn this pregnancy. I also wonder if he will have a birthmark like Rooney does!