36 weeks


T-shirt / Old Navy
shorts / Old Navy
shoes / Vans via Madewell

  • How far along: 36 weeks
  • What's new: This week I had a non-stress test, midwife visit and hemoglobin check. My iron is 10.4, so a little low. I need to get better at remembering to take my iron supplement. I would also have had the group B strep test, but I've already tested positive this pregnancy (it's not a fun test so I'm not too sad to have missed out...but it's also not a fun treatment so I had really hoped to avoid it this time! Oh well).
  • To do this week:
    • Buy mom necessities for after birth (listed at the bottom of this post)
    • Remove mildew from the rock 'n play
    • Take a professional mother-daughter maternity photo
    • Buy Rooney a gift from the baby
  • Baby's size: 5-6 pounds
  • Total weight gain: 22 pounds
  • Baby's heart rate: 145 bpm
  • Maternity clothes: I'm getting tired of my maternity wardrobe at this point. I am really thankful for dresses. My pants are getting uncomfortable but leggings don't always provide enough support either.
  • Gender: Boy
  • Movement: He is still very active but I can tell his movement has changed as he runs out of space. It's more squirmy now than big kicks. They are always amazed at how much he moves during my nonstress tests.
  • Symptoms:
    • Light linea nigra
    • Wide, birthing hips :-)
    • Swelling in my face, feet and hands
    • Itchy belly
    • Round ligament pain
    • Leg cramps
    • Braxton-Hicks contractions
  • Sleep: I had a couple really terrible nights of sleep this week. My mind races and I am super hot and my legs feel restless. But, I also had a couple really good nights of sleep this week, too. So who knows what the future weeks will bring!
  • What I miss: A great night's rest, letting Rooney jump on me, and being more active with Eric and Rooney.
  • Cravings: Heath candy bars (preferably king size)
  • Nursery update: We ordered a blackout shade! I am also working with The Land of Nod to add some finishing touches to his room.
  • Mommy thoughts:
    • For anyone wondering when to schedule a prenatal massage, I would say 28 or 33 or 34 weeks. Those have been the toughest for me so far! Mine is next weekend!
    • I really love being pregnant until about 4:30 pm each day. For some reason at that point it becomes quite uncomfortable to sit or stand.
    • I'm still wearing my wedding ring! It gets tight toward the end of the day but I feel naked without it so I'm holding on as long as I can.
    • I packed my hospital bag this past week and also got the car seat ready to install! 
    • Wanting him to wait until June, but feeling like he might come very soon...