37 weeks

when: monday, feb. 20, 2012

what i wore:

shirt: soon maternity (gift card)

blazer: target

jeggings: american eagle

shoes: sam & libby (tj maxx)

where: work

  • i’m officially full-term! although it’s best if she stays in there for a couple more weeks, they won’t stop me if i go into labor. i have an internal tug-of-war going on between wanting her here and wanting her to stay inside a couple more weeks. {i kind of have my heart set on a march baby!}
  • my clinic does not automatically check for progress, but i asked them to see what was going on this week. well, i am 3 cm dilated and 100% effaced. eek! my midwife was pretty surprised, considering this is my first baby. technically i am in early labor, and although i’ve been having lots of contractions it could still be weeks before she decides to come! i do think that being checked can “get things going,” because afterward i had contractions for 10 hours. they finally stopped when we went to bed. i was exhausted!
  • the other day it hit me and i just had to stop to stare at my belly and think about what my body has been doing the past nine months. it is crazy how it can make a baby without me doing much of anything. i have been so focused on myself and how i’m feeling (yes, i’m incredibly selfish…), but when i step back and see the big picture i am so in love with this little girl. i hope our transition into parenthood is a smooth one. {any tips are welcomed!}
  • total weight gain = 25 pounds
  • baby’s heart rate at last appointment = 140 bpm
  • we found a day care! finally! and it is seriously perfect! ahh. we are so relieved. it’s just a few blocks away from our house, and it is going to be a great place for our little girl.
  • we went to a breastfeeding class last week. turns out i am not yet mature enough for such a thing. there were lots of giggles…oh boy.
  • check out a few of my maternity photos, which were taken by my husband last weekend.
  • nursery reveal coming soon!!!

do you have any pregnancy questions for me? i’m a pretty open book…