38 weeks

when: sunday, feb. 26, 2012

what i wore:

  • dress: borrowed from jen, made by megan
  • cardigan: wallace for madewell, purchased on ebay
  • tights: we love colors
  • shoes: jessica simpson via DSW

where: lunch date with my sister, dinner and oscar-viewing with friends

this is a very special and beautiful dress. i felt so lucky to get to wear it! jen mailed it to me after i announced my pregnancy. she is so sweet and thoughtful. we were pregnant in completely opposite seasons, so i was worried i wouldn’t be able to wear it, but last weekend it was 50 degrees and this dress was perfect for a lunch date with my sister. see how jen styled the dressat 32 weeks.


  • i feel very lucky, especially in these last couple weeks, that my husband and i work at the same company. he sits in the room next to me, so i keep him up to date on how i’m feeling—and we can go straight from work to the hospital if needed.
  • R’snursery is my new favorite room in our house.
  • this period of waitingis so crazy-interesting. i’m kind of a numbers geek so if i could pick a day for her arrival, it would be march 8, 9 or 10. :) i was born on a friday; maybe she will be, too.
  • would you want a leap day birthday? it could happen!
  • total weight gain = 27 pounds
  • R’s heart rate at last appointment = 150 bpm
  • my appetite is so intense lately. sometimes i eat four breakfasts.
  • i’m feeling stronger contractions more often, peeing all the time, randomly feeling tired and randomly feeling energized. also, have you ever heard of pregnancy giggles? because i’m convinced it’s a real thing.
  • i’ve had pain down my sciatic nerve for probably five weeks now. i keep forgetting to mention it on here. it’s “normal,” but quite uncomfortable. especially when i get up after sitting all day at work. and i’m told i will probably experience it in later pregnancies as well.
  • how long will it take me to get used to the fact that we have a baby car seat in our jeep?
  • a sweet note from my husband makes me feel loved: I love you so much for carrying our baby! You are doing such a fantastic job and especially as things get more and more uncomfortable. It hurts for me to see you in pain. We’re going to do this together and it’s going to be awesome!


  • finish addressing the birth announcement envelopes
  • get a message (scheduled for sunday!)
  • stock up our freezer