a step of faith


My husband quit his job today.

It feels a little crazy, but it's been a long time coming. We've been talking about it for at least two years! He's always wanted to start his own business or work for himself, but until now the timing hasn't felt quite right.

Eric's an incredibly hard worker and I'm so proud that he's finally taking a step toward his dream. He'll be doing financial coaching, helping people get on a budget and stick to it. He's already helped lots of people this way - now he gets to dedicate even more time to it. He won't be completely on this own, as his friend Justin has taken him under his wing and Eric will be partnering with his already-established consulting business, Strong Tower (new website coming soon!).

It will be the first time in a very long time that we're both enjoying what we're doing all day, which will be really good for our sanity and our family as a whole. This was definitely a step that needed to take place before we try for another child (we have both learned that if we are going to spend time away from our child(ren) that it is going to be doing something that we love and truly believe in).

I think if I was reading this on someone else's blog (and I have! many times!), I would think "That's so awesome! They're so brave! They're following their dreams! I can't wait to see how God shows up!" I certainly get glimpses of that perspective, but when it's your budget, your family...it can be really scary. There will be no steady paycheck. Our lifestyle may need to change. Our basement project has been put on hold. There are lots of unknowns. But, this decision feels right for our family right now - I really trust Eric and admire his desire to do work that helps others. I'm so thankful we got our finances in order five years ago so that we can take this leap of faith today (and because two years ago I was able to do something similar by getting a new job and cutting hours to spend more time with Roo).

Prayers are appreciated :) And if you know anyone who has a dream or wants to take a similar leap but finances are what's holding them back, please direct them here.