April recap


 + Small Goals

I made a personal goal this month to practice better oral hygiene. I'm afraid to admit it, but I got really lazy about brushing my teeth in college and never really got back on track. This month I printed out one of Rooney's sticker charts for myself to see if it would motivate me :) It worked really well - I stayed on track for three weeks, ...but then I got sick and completely fell off. I need to get back on track in May, but still did 25x better than usual in April. I'm calling it a win!

 + Fun with Friends

Our best friends Garrett and Lauren were visiting from Charleston and we were blessed to get to spend 11 hours with them, but it's never long enough! They're the kind of friends we can talk to about money, parenting, faith, etc. until 2:00 am. Love them and so wish we lived closer!


 + MS Walk

We participated in the MS Walk this month like we have done for the past several years (I think it's my 14th year?!) - it's always a highlight of our spring and we had perfect weather this year! My mom was diagnosed in 1995 so it's been a big part of my family life and I love that we take a day each year to celebrate her strength. Thank you to everyone who walked and/or fundraised for Team Plain Jane - our whole family really appreciates it!



I am loving our new Des Moines art print that Modern Map Art sent over! The quality is really superb. There are over 500 cities to choose from but we went with Des Moines as we live in a suburb and love exploring the city. Bonus: You can customize the colors or create a custom map. It would be fun to create a map of a special place such as where you got married or honeymooned. So great for a living room, office or guest room! (The frame is from IKEA.)



One of my favorite parenting hacks that came in handy this month was layering bedsheets. Rooney's bed has two sets on it - two waterproof mattress pads and two fitted sheets - so that if she has an accident in the middle of the night, I can just strip off the top layer and there is another set ready to go underneath. 


Hope you had a good April! I'm ready for all this rain to bring May flowers!