Baby's First Gifts

It is so exciting to open up packages for our little baby! We're just over halfway through the pregnancy and already we are amazed by the generosity and excitement people have shown. We are so thankful that I couldn't help but share!

baby's first gift hop on pop onesie and book

The onesie is so little! The tag says 3-6 months but I can't imagine our babe ever fitting in it. My mom's cousin Nancy painted sweet and adorable is that?

baby's first gift wood teethers

I think our blog friend Suze must have been spying my Pinterest board! I love these wooden teether/toys by Little Sapling Toys! And how fitting are the Iowa state and camera shapes?

My sister is so excited to be an aunt! I have been writing in the pregnancy journal since the beginning and am excited to have that keepsake. Also, I totally recommend the You Are My Cupcake book by Joyce Wan! It's so cute!

baby's first gift. hippo named Harold

I love this little hippo from my parents. I actually picked it out at the farmers' market (made by Genuine Monkeez) before we knew that we were having a girl. His name is Harold.

This stocking hat is also from my parents via the farmers' market, purchased just this past weekend. It was the first thing bought for her once we knew it was a she! It is handmade from Cozy Trends. I can't wait for our little pumpkin to wear it!

I guess Eric's mom thinks baby W is a Hawkeyes fan!

She threw in some goodies for us, too!

Our friend Bridget gave us these sleepers and the cutest little tutu! Her first tutu of many, I'm sure!

baby's first gift. Ugly doll

And this is the first thing we bought for her! We should get it tomorrow and I can't wait to cuddle up with it! Hautelook was having a sale on Uglydolls a couple weeks ago, and I just couldn't resist! I purchased it with money I could have spent on clothes for myself. That's when I knew I had become a mom. :)

Now I just need to get over the weirdness of writing thank-you notes from our baby. Maybe I'll just write it from all three of us...?