Team Williams Basement Project

We are at a place where we want to invest more in our house and really make it feel like a home. Unfortunately, I'm second-guessing a lot of the interior design decisions we made when we moved in just six years ago. Bah! One of the biggest projects we're working on right now is finishing our basement. Eric and his dad worked on it for two days straight a few weekends ago, and now Eric has been working on it during the evenings after Rooney goes to bed (luckily she can sleep through very loud noises). His dad will be back down next weekend for another marathon of building walls and running electrical wires.

So far we've got the office area studded (framed?) and wired for electric, and half the other exterior walls studded. I'd say it's about 5% complete :D

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There's a lot of work ahead, but I'm so excited to have this space done before we have another child. After it's done I want to have all our upstairs walls painted white and then maybe by then it will be time to work on another nursery???