black & blue

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thursday, feb. 14, 2013 (happy valentine's!)


work, dinner


scarf: target tee: madewell cardigan: madewell jeans: c/o level 99 denim (last seen here) shoes: kohl's

if you would have shown me this outfit a couple years ago, i would have said "it needs more color!" but lately i have been very comfortable in my neutrals. although i did kind of feel like a scrooge wearing this on valentine's day.

our valentine's included a fun little scavenger hunt, signing papers for our house refinance, dinner at the cheesecake factory, cache cupcakes and downton abbey. are you guys watching that show, or are we actually not the last ones to that party??? we have only seen three episodes. we like it, but we aren't hooked quite yet. if i take a three-week blogging break, you'll know we got completely sucked in.

*photos by Shandy Mikkelsen