blazing new trails


friday, jan. 7, 2011

what i wore:

blazer: target

shirt: old navy

necklace: urban outfitters

jeans: banana republic

shoes: jessica simpson (dsw)


work meetings

i got this blazer for $8. i saw kendi wearing it a couple weeks ago, and originally tagged at $30 it seemed like a good price for my first blazer. then i found out it was on sale and on the 30% off clearance rack. i was dancing all over the store.

remember how i said i wasn’t a sale girl? i never even used to look at sale racks because i figured that all those clothes were things that nobody else wanted. it’s partly true, but i’m also learning a lot about which stores in my area are usually overstocked and then soon the sale racks are bursting with good stuff. so now i’m actually looking at the sale items and finding gems. love. it.

also, i’ve been thinking a lot lately about my personal style. and after talking to my husband, we decided that because i’m still in my first job out of college and because the dress code is casual, i never really graduated to typical work attire. please know that what i normally wear to work is appropriate for the culture of our company, but i still dress the same as i did in college. i’m ready to grow up a bit. this will happen over time, of course, but this blazer was a good start.

so i am on a blazer kick now and while most of them cost a lot more than $8, i’m holding out for another good deal! i’m thinking gray or tweed. it needs to be quite long for my crazy tall torso. where should i look?