blog goals for 2012

  1. purchase a domain.
  2. move from tumblr to wordpress.
  3. be ok with slowing down.

the first two goals increase my serious-ness with this blog, and the third one takes some pressure off.

last week i posted four times rather than five. did anyone notice?

i have a lot of fun with this blog, but it’s unrealistic to think that i can continue posting at this pace once our little girl arrives. i will likely need less chaos in my life. this is an intentional decision i made a couple weeks ago and i wasn’t going to announce this, but i figure it’s only courteous for those who stop by daily. (and a chance to say thank you!)

i’ve also set some personal goals for 2012, which i am really excited about! when time allows, i will be pouring more of myself into our family/lifestyle blog, words of williams. that is where we share about our intentional marriage and money and faith, and we feel like we are making a big difference with that blog.

i hope you understand. it seems like reflecting and slowing down is a common theme at this time of the year. my friend jen is going through the same thing right now, which sparked me to tell you guys what’s going on in my little brain rather than keep it all to myself.

» anyway, thanks for reading…i totally appreciate it and i won’t be going away anytime soon. just maybe slowing down a bit :) and my little fashionista daughter will be here in a couple months and i am excited to show off her outfits!