TxSC clothing swap!

when: friday, march 11, 2011

what i wore:

  • hat: urban outfitters
  • shirt: j.crew
  • necklace: urban outfitters
  • jeggings: american eagle
  • shoes: jessica simpson (dsw)

where: clothing swap hosted by swap.com and the swapaholics

i was kind of a nervous mess on the first day. ha! it was like going to church camp where you don’t know what to expect, and a part of you would rather be at home than in a room full of people you don’t know. but when i walked in to the clothing swap, all my worries faded away. there were so many girls there who i “knew” from their blogs, and they were all so nice and easy to talk to!

after tagging my items, i volunteered to help sort everything into piles—which meant i got to hang out with the awesome organizers and other volunteers, and get a good look at what other people had brought to swap. this was my first-ever swap and i hope to do it again! i know there is one in des moines next month, and i might even get crazy and organize my own!

all the swappers! at this point i had already grabbed most of my items.

the once-loved items i brought:

five jeans, three dresses (one not pictured), two tops, a scarf, a necklace and black heels.

my new items to love:

i scored some fun, colorful items! two pants, two scarves, flats, earrings and a belt.

suze of miss vinyl ahoy and me having fun before the swap.

with some of my absolute favorites: jen, indiana, amy and amy. photo by burdastyle.

after the swap, a bunch of us went out to the hangar and then to chinatown for karaoke.

don’t let her fool you—erin is a really good singer.

at chinatown i got to sit next to and chat with one of my favorites, jen of jen loves kev.