his outfit: cold-blooded diva

my husband asked me to style him for a full week! this is what he wore on day three.

when: monday, april 4, 2011

what he wore:
hat: gap
glasses: dkny
shirt: the three sons
cardigan: original penguin
watch: fossil
jeans: banana republic
shoes: target

where: work (minus the hat)

kelsey says: today i wanted to see eric wear black and brown together. and of course, another cardigan. i asked him if this is anything he would have picked for himself, and he said no. he never wears two long-sleeved shirts together.

eric says: i was so against the two long-sleeves, but i must say that kels did a great job with this outfit and it is something i will definitely wear again. and get this! i had a meeting with her boss and she had just called her husband (who also works for our company) and she said, “eric has a great look going on today.” i laughed out loud and embarrassingly told her that kels was styling me and that they could expect great things for the next week. i was being a diva after work ‘cause i didn’t want to take photos outside. it was really windy and chilly. old man winter better take a hike. if i was in a snickers diva commercial, who would be my alter-ego?