conversations with Rooney / 04

A handful of suckers I found in our van. #toddlers

A handful of suckers I found in our van. #toddlers

Me: ***crumpling a stack of crackers into my soup***
Rooney: "Ohhh, that not very nice."

Me: "Should we have another baby?"
Rooney: "No, just Rooney."
Me: "Do you want a sister or a brother?"
Rooney: "Stop talking mommy!"

Me: "OK, time to get your pants on."
Rooney: "Line up, monkeys!"

Swatting at the air: "Shoo fly! Go away to your house!"

After making a mess in the kitchen: "Oh, bum-mer!" 

After eating jelly beans: "I need a drink water, my tummy's full."

Me: ***getting dressed***
Rooney: "I wanna wear big girl unnerwear like a mommy like a daddy."

Me: ***walking in the door after being gone all day, wearing tights and lipstick***
Rooney: "Mom! I missed you! Mom, look at your toes! Mom, look at your mouth!"

Carrying my ankle boots: "You wanna wear these shoes tonight?!"

Me: "Would it be OK if mommy had a baby?"
Rooney: "Two babies!"
Me: "How about just one baby?"
Rooney: "How about just two?"

***photo from my Instagram