conversations with Rooney / 05

R shirt   |   Name puzzle

A few conversations with Rooney (age 2.5) that made me smile recently...

Pointing to the lowercase "r" on her shirt (above): "Uh oh, it's broken!"

Looking at emoji options: "I like this house! 🏠 I like this house. 🏡 HORSEYYY 🐴"

Me: "What part of your body do you hear with? Do you hear with your eyes?"
Rooney: "Yeah, and my bottom!" 

Talking to her baby doll: "TWO CHOICES: Eat mac 'n cheese at home, or go to Target."

Rooney: "Where are you going, Mommy?"
Me: "I'm going home. Where are you going?"
Rooney: "I'm going to preschool. You go bye-bye. That's be fun!"

Looking at Taylor Swift: "Is that Queen Elsa?"

Rooney: "What are you doing, Mommy?"
Me: I'm driving home. What are you doing?"
Rooney: "Waiting for you to be done driving."

After seeing me in bed in the morning: "Can you wake up too like me?"

Rooney: "What are you doing, Mommy?"
Me: I'm eating lunch with my daughter, Rooney. What are you doing?"
Rooney: "Eating lunch with my daughter, Mommy!"

Me: "We're going to play with Adah at her house."
Rooney: "OK, so be a big girl for church, OK?"

Me: "Do you want to get some more clothes for your baby?"
Rooney: "May-me...or may-me not."

Rooney: "You want some water?"
Me: "Yeah, I'll have some water."
Rooney: "OK. Go get it."

Eric: telling a story at dinner
Rooney: "Eat your food, Daddy! Eat your food."

Sitting next to me on the couch: "Mommy? Can you go away?"