conversations with Rooney / 07


Me: "Is that your bottom that smells?"
Rooney: "No, that's your bottom that smells."

Me: "Do you like the name Roxy?"
Rooney: "No."
Me: "Do you like the name Olive?"
Rooney, her eyes lighting up: "Yeah, I like Olive the Snowman!"
Me, laughing hysterically: "It's Olaf the Snowman!"

Rooney, looking at the snow while we drive: "Are there marshmallows on our house, too?"

As we drive a round-a-bout: "We're going in a circle, ellabody!"

Watching a commercial on TV: "Is this a ad?"

Going from tender to somewhat terrible in a matter of seconds: "Thank you for seeking and hide with us ... I'm gonna hit you in the face with my foot."

Looking at the family photo in the right sidebar of this blog: "There's mommy! And there's daddy! My best friends!"

Rooney: "Mommy, are you happy?"
Me: "Yes, I'm so happy! You know why? Because God and Jesus love us, and because you're such a big girl, and because daddy is my best friend, and because there's a baby in my tummy!"
Rooney: "And Jesus is going to kick the baby!"

Rooney: "Can you please let me have another string cheese?"
Eric: "If you give me a kiss, I'll go get you one."
Me: "Oh, what do you say to daddy?"
Rooney: "Hurry hurry hurry!"