conversations with Rooney // 11


These "conversations" are more like "one liners" or "Rooney-isms," but they're fun just the same!

In the car: "Mommy, if you need anything, I'm right behind you."

"Maybe next week I'll grow really bigger!"

Eating bites off a waffle: "It looks like an elephant! There's the tail, and legs, and two eyes, and the trumpet!"

"I wanna see the firefighters!" (fireworks) 

"Mom, this is my supper from last year." 

"I'm not ever talking to you because I'm watching the movie." 

"I'm sad because there's a baby at our house." (And then a few minutes later: "You're my best friend, baby Finchy!")

"You're beautiful too because you have a brown shirt on." 

"When I was a little baby I was a girl baby." 

"When I eat a lot of food then I'll be 4!"

"Mom, are these your underwear? You have really big ones." 

"Mom, I didn't step on your toes so your fingernail polish can't come off." 

"What's going on, Mom?"

"My feet are perfect for my legs."

First thing in the morning after she woke up: "What are we going to eat today?"

After putting one ball into her reward jar (which holds about 20 balls): "Getting closer!"

Patting my tummy, the day Finch was born: "You have another one in there! I can see it! You have a lotta babies!"