conversations with Rooney // 14

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen

Rooney has had me laughing lately! I wanted to share these funny lines from our recent conversations - hopefully they bring a smile to your face as well!

"Mom, do you want some popcorn? It's really good. It's gooder than the other food that are in your tummy."

While listening to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" for the first time: "Six pieces of leggings? That's a lot of pants!" (I have yet to break it to her that it's actually "Six geese a-laying.")

"When I'm a mommy, I'm gonna find a husband that is almost the same as your husband."

At 1:00 am she woke up screaming, and when Eric got in there, she said, "I ate the green part of a strawberry" ( in, eight hours earlier, at supper...poor girl thought something bad was going to happen to her!)

"I am so thank you for you."

"I really need to go potty! You know how I know? I can feel it in my throat."

"Mom, this was a good house you picked when you married daddy!"

"I'm a rememory!" (AKA good at remembering)

While shopping in Kohl's:
Rooney: "Did you know when I grow up I'm going to marry Levi?"
ME: "Oh yeah? Does he know that?"
Rooney, very matter-of-fact: "Yeah I telled him like a bunch of days. ...And Finley's gonna be our kid."

"Mom, can we share clothes when I get bigger? Like your pink underwear?"

Me: "Mylie lost her first tooth today!"
Rooney: [stares at me smiling for 10 seconds] "Mylie's gonna get a thick one!"

"My legs are as long as grandma's, but hers are bigger chunks."

While shopping with me at Old Navy and needing to find an employee: "I can find somebody! I'm an expert at it!"

After seeing a cement truck drive by: "It has a circle in its tummy!"

"Dear God, this is Rooney. Please keep everybody in the whole wide world safe. Please make sure there are no nightmares in anyone's house. Dear Lord, Amen."

While driving in the car:
Rooney: "Mom, this just came out of my ear." (ear wax)
Me: "Oh. OK. Here's a Kleenex."
Rooney: "Can you even eat this?"
Me: "No."
Rooney: "Oh, I ate it before."
Me: "When???"
Rooney: "At nana's. I was like, 'What do I do with this?' I didn't know."