conversations with Rooney // 15


This girl keeps us laughing! Here's the next installment of funny things Rooney says:

"If you eat a foot, your throat will smell stinky, so don't eat a foot."

Rooney: "Thanks, Mom, for making supper for all of us! You've never done that before!"
Me: "Actually daddy made the mac 'n' cheese."
Rooney: "Congratulations, Daddy!"

"I love doing dot-to-dots. They're so relaxing!"

To Finch: "Don't eat that sticker! It can help you die."

"I holy sakes have big muscles."

"I don't want to switch car seats until I'm 33. I'm not going to change my mind!"

After dinner one night: "Daddy usually does the dishes and mommy does the rules."

"Finchy had no bloody noses yet...isn't that aMAZing?!"

Helping me fold towels: "I don't like folding the big ones...they're so hard and big and makes me nervous."

In reference to her bowel movement: "It wasn't one of those spooky kookie ooey gooey ones."

"I'm not sick, I just don't feel good!"

"When I'm a mom, you're gonna be dead!"

After calling me to her bedroom at at 1:45 am: "Will you empty my garbage?"

Standing on the scale: "48.5. That's how big my feet are." (bless her heart she has no idea what a scale is for)

Sees litter on the ground: "Oh! That person went to jail." And then keeps walking.

"Target. That's my favorite best store ever in the whole wide world."

Trying to remember the word "goosebumps," she said: "I have chickenburns ... chickendots ... freezedots"

After we drove through a puddle and it made a funny noise against our van: "Oh, somebody just tooted!"

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