cini sopapilla bites

for the past three days, i’ve eaten supper at taco john’s. and yes, i will probably eat there tomorrow.

there are some things i don’t do in moderation: food, music, clothing…

{ and to be honest, it drives my hubs nuts! }

i just got off a bout of craving casey’s pizza (i ate it at least twice a week for about two months). now, it’s taco john’s. two soft shell tacos (just meat and cheese), small drink (root beer) and cini-sopapilla bites (amazing!).

i seriously want to eat it every day.

someday soon i’ll get sick of it and move on to something new.

same with music. i love to listen to the same CD (or song) 20 times on repeat. but then there comes a time when i find something new and will not want to listen to it again for months.

and i don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

currently eating:taco john’s

currently listening: tenth avenue north’s “the light meets the dark”. my favorite song right now is “empty my hands.”

currently wearing (as often and whenever i can!): fleece hooded jacket from victoria’s secret