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do you remember my 2012 blog goals?

  1. buy a domain.
  2. move from tumblr to wordpress.
  3. be ok with slowing down.

the year is only half over, and i'm thrilled to say they're all complete! woo!


  1. as of today, my blog URL is { it feels so official! } i apologize if this affects your subscription to my site, and kindly ask that you update your blog roll and RSS feed :)
  2. wordpress is now hosting my site, ending my love / hate relationship with tumblr. my husband is thrilled that i am also now using the lovely standard theme.
  3. my posting frequency has obviously slowed down since Rooney was born. i am ok with it, but i hope to ramp up again soon. i feel like becoming a mom has changed me in so many ways, and my style is one of those ways. i'm still figuring it all out. the blog might take a new direction. probably. i'm excited.



HUGE thanks to jbrad for his coding-geniusness and getting me switched over. dude has fast fingers. i think it looks great, but i would so appreciate you letting me know if something doesn't look right for you (on your phone or screen).

and, ...if anyone knows how to export disqus comments into wordpress, you'd be a lifesaver.


have a great weekend! we're leaving for our first family vacation tonight!