Easter 2017

I wish I could say our Easter went exactly as planned, but ... puke buckets were involved. :-( Saturday at 1:30 am, Rooney called to us that her tummy hurt...and it went downhill from there. I ended up sleeping with her, and then I also got sick...it was just an all-around bummer as our well-laid plans became unraveled.

Rooney recovered quickly, but I spent all day in bed while Eric took the kids to church. By Sunday I was much better and was able to catch a service, but missed Eric's family gathering. I, of course, had grand plans of taking a family photo while we were all dressed up for church, and just hate when plans get messed up!

my family riding the shuttle to church...without me :-(

my family riding the shuttle to church...without me :-(

The Good List:

  • We all made it to church at some point (thankful for our church having nine services)
  • I'm so proud of Eric - he was asked to create sketch art which was displayed on a huge screen at the beginning of services. It turned out so well! (video below)
  • We had an Easter egg hunt with the kids on Sunday morning (video above)...Finch was happy with his four eggs and Rooney was happy that she "got more than Finch" :-/
  • As the sun was going down on Sunday night, we decided there was still time to take a family picture! We weren't wearing our Sunday best and the lighting was not perfect, but it would be a great way to remember what Easter 2017 was really like.