Eat This, Not That / 02

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My Favorite Breakfast

Eric used to eat peanut butter toast every single morning and I used to eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day. But we wanted to cut down our grain intake and in doing so I found my new favorite breakfast: organic celery and sunflower seed butter.

This wasn't an overnight switch. It was probably a switch of 1.5 years. {We've found it's best for us to slowly replace certain foods/habits one at a time with better ones, even if it's ever so slight.}

Over time we switched from:

  • white bread + peanut butter
  • to wheat bread + peanut butter
  • to wheat bread without HFCS + peanut butter
  • to wheat bread without HFCS + natural peanut butter
  • to celery + natural peanut butter
  • to organic celery + sunflower seed butter

Baby steps! A variety of nut butters is really good for our diets. We like peanut butter and sunflower seed butter (my favorite brand is SunButter) but aren't fans of almond butter. Many peanut butters have added sugar, so check the ingredients if you are worried about that. We get ours in the Hy-Vee Health Section (though you still have to check labels there).

What's your go-to breakfast?

*Get a $1 off coupon for SunButter (gluten-free) here.

*My coworker heard that if you eat a vegetable before 10:00 am, you will eat 25% less food all day. I can't seem to find the research on that, but it's still crazy, huh?