My Best Tip for Choosing Family Photo Outfits

As promised, here's the reveal of how I styled our family for our fall photo shoot in conjunction with the Fiesta Movement Style challenge (this is my favorite video from the Fiesta agents this month).

I started with Rooney's outfit. Isn't that how it goes, moms?

The dress she's wearing is my favorite thing in her closet, and the green vest looks so perfect on top. I love that it feels fall-ish and is also a somewhat unexpected color combination. So it was kind of a no-brainer that she would wear this.

Once that was set, it was decided that our color scheme would be yellow and green. On top of that, we just brought in neutrals: brown, white, denim, gray and tan.

I'm a firm believer that every color should show up at least twice. That is my biggest tip. It's really obvious if your husband is wearing a blue shirt and no one else has that shade (or a close shade) of blue on. You can see that Eric wanted to wear his chambray shirt, so I decided I would wear my denim jacket to balance it out. Plus, as I mentioned last week, the more layers and accessories you can bring in (within the color palette, of course), the better.

I honestly think it gets easier as you have more kids because then you have more people to spread the colors out between. When we were still deciding what to wear, it got to the point where I basically had to wear my yellow scarf because otherwise the only yellow in the photos would be on Rooney.

The camo pants were sort of a risk, but I think it really worked. This isn't my favorite outfit by any means, but with the color scheme we were going with, it was my best option to bring in gray (to match Eric's cardigan) and green (to match Rooney's vest). I really love how they turned out!

*All photos by {captured by} heidi photography. See our outfit inspiration here. For our outfit details, go here.

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