family saturday


saturday, oct. 23, 2010

the look:

top: urban outfitters (buy)

necklace: urban outfitters

jeans: abercrombie & fitch, edited

shoes: dsw

urban outfitters had styled this shirt and necklace together on a mannequin and i knew i wanted it as soon as i saw it! i am excited to pair them with a high-waisted black skirt (like the mannequin), but i’m still shopping for the perfect one…so i debuted them with the jeans from my diy post.


family potluck, dinner, movie

ric’s grandparents are here from new mexico, so we went to his uncle’s house for a potluck get-together to catch up with them. we only get to see them about once a year and they are so cute. :) then, we headed north to have dinner with ric’s mom, stepdad, nephew, and grandparents—and his sister was our waitress! before the night ended we went to the $2 theater to see “you again.” i actually laughed out loud a few times, which is a rarity!