Food Is Fuel

Having a kid has made me think twice about everything we do. Because I know she is watching, and it seems to matter more now. One thing it has really made me question is what we're putting into our bodies, especially because she is starting to eat baby food. So we've been making some lifestyle changes over here. (Remember how bad we used to eat and not even realize it? We've come SO far!)

Changes We've Made
  • We got a wellness coach. We made some changes on our own, but we know we need someone else to keep us accountable. He's also our chiropractor, so we'll be seeing him every week for a while, and then monthly after that.
  • We found a local farm that we feel comfortable buying beef (grass-fed cows), bacon and pork from.
  • We buy some organic meat and produce, including chicken, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and apples.
  • Last weekend I made cookies from scratch instead of buying them.
  • We buy local, free-range hen eggs ($2.99/dozen). The label says all-vegetable diet enriched with flaxseed, naturally high in omega-3, no drugs, no added hormones. I have read that there is no proof that free-range eggs are more nutritious, but we're using our dollars to vote for better living environments for chickens anyway.
  • We've don't drink much milk (typically only in smoothies), but we've switched from cow's milk to almond milk.
  • We got a Whole Foods! We also have a Trader Joe's. They are both about 10 minutes from our house. We also love our local HyVee (which has a health market). I even emailed them and as a result they will be adding Krema peanut butter (in which peanuts are the only ingredient) to their health market! I can't wait to try it!
  • We allow ourselves some breaks. Don't get me wrong. We are nowhere near perfect. We love Dairy Queen, Orange Leaf, the occasional caffeinated pop, eating out with friends, etc. We're aiming for 75-80% here.


If only I could go back in time and change what I ate while pregnant...