Friday favorites


Eric and Rooney just left for the Daddy Daughter Dance! Rooney got her ticket in her stocking and it was her favorite Christmas gift! So the anticipation for this night has been high, for all of us. Rooney let me paint her fingernails and then we surprised Eric by putting a ponytail in her hair (it's his favorite, but she normally refuses). I wish you could have seen the smile on his face! He let her pick his tie and surprised her with flowers. Can't wait to hear all the details when they get home!

As for me? Finchy is in bed for the night, so mama gets an evening at home by herself! I'm all snuggled in with my pajamas and my current favorite guilty pleasure: Little Caesars Italian cheese bread, a Coke with grenadine, and Gilmore Girls! Woohoo!

Now that Finchy is consistently sleeping 8-10 hours straight at night (HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD!), I'm hoping to blog a little more often. I've kept up with his monthly posts, but sometimes it's fun to just write a more casual post like this. (I'm also working on going through the 1,820 emails in my inbox that got backed up since he was born. I wish I was kidding!)

A few fun links I've wanted to share...

This is one of the coolest stories I have ever read

Would you use this alarm clock?

Dear J.Crew, can you please make this shirt in my size?

I just ordered a couple more of these *genius* door silencers - free domestic shipping today with code FREESHIP

The simplest way to teach your kids self control

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and wanting to try these shorts - on sale for only $6! These look good, too.

Have you seen the new Barbies?

A drone that flies itself!

P.S. Anyone else watching the farewell season of American Idol? I'm tuning in after missing the past few seasons. I am definitely sucked in. Can't believe how young some of the contestants are this year! There are lots of good singers in the top 24, but my early favorite is Olivia Rox. Who are your favorites???