guest post: 5 things my husband said he'd never wear



hat: Baldwin
shirt: Gap
cardigan: H&M (similar)
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: Vans

People are always asking me if Kelsey picks out my clothes and I'm always saying... "No! I do." Like it's so hard to believe that I care about fashion and have style (debatable).

But, I was thinking lately, that I may have been lying to anyone and everyone who's asked me that question in the past. Because, while I get myself dressed daily, hours before Kelsey is even awake, she does influence my wardrobe quite a bit.

Whom else would I be trying to please? Take my beard for example... I've had it since December. Kelsey says, "I like your beard!" So, I keep the beard. This is how men think...

Anyway, she's always showing me "progressive" men's styles and working to persuade me to try something before I'm ready. I usually overreact by saying "No way! I'll never wear that."

And then a few weeks ago, I got myself dressed, looked down and realized... Dang it! Everything I'm wearing is something I once swore I never would. 

5 styles Kelsey convinced me to wear:

  1. Slim-fit jeans: I'm not a skinny-jean wear-er, but I do love slim-fit jeans. And when I wear my older, baggier jeans as "work" jeans, I feel like I'm wearing a skirt. It's weird, I know.
  2. Cuffed jeans: Along with slim-fit jeans, I discovered the ability to order 36" inseams online via Old Navy and Gap. And I now own three pairs of slim-fitting, always-cuffed jeans. 
  3. Cardigan: Never saw myself as a cardigan guy, but I own a few now, and they're a layering staple in my wardrobe. So versatile! I have this gray one and a black one that are perfect for the office. Mainly because, it's always freezing in the office.
  4. Top button: My friend Garrett's been buttoning his top button for a few years now. I thought it was weird. And Kelsey has been doing it for a while, too. And then I tried it, begrudgingly. Ugh, I like it now, too.
  5. Flat-billed cap: This has actually been a pet peeve of mine for years. I've always enjoyed a good curved-bill ball cap, but recently the style has caught my eye, and I decided to give it a try. I think it works. I even spent a good chunk of my birthday money on two flat-billed caps.

And now... I'm going to make a bold statement. Here are five styles I hope to never have to write a post like this about in the future. They might be right for some guys, but I can't see myself ever getting into or back into.

  1. Drop-crotch pants (is there an explanation needed here?)
  2. Stickers left on caps (makes me think you stole it, or are hoping to return it)
  3. Tucked-in shirt with no belt (I'm not sure this is a style or lack of style, but it drives me crazy!)
  4. Camouflage anything (it works on my girls, but just doesn't feel right on me)
  5. Giant high-top sneakers with big tongues (my feet are giant enough, no need to call attention to them)

Which men's style from above do you think I'll cave on first? 

{ Kelsey note: Definitely #4 ... remember those camo boxers I bought you? }