How Healthy Is Panera Bread?

Eric and I hate cooking on the weekends. So we usually let ourselves eat out, and make sure to eat at home during the week. Our new fun thing is that one of us will go to get food and surprise the other person with what we're going to eat.

When it's Eric's turn, he usually goes to Jimmy John's or Subway. When I go, it's usually Dairy Queen. (I know. I know! Terrible!) Because we're trying to be healthier, last weekend I went to Panera.

But is Panera really that healthy?

Turns out, it's not. Nor is Subway. Bummer. This eating healthy thing is going to be a little hard.

My Panera meal (small Signature Mac & Cheese, Potato Chips and Low-fat Black Cherry Smoothie) is 940 calories. I can actually live with that, but Andrew at Eating Rules says their macaroni and cheese is one of the worst choices because of the high fat (30 g), high sodium (1,020 mg), high saturated fat (13 g) and high calories (490).

And I definitely need to turn that bag of chips into an apple.


Are there any healthy fast food places out there? I'm guessing no?



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