how to shop at kohl's

kels is our online shopper, but she wanted me to share with you my insights on how to shop at kohl’s. really there is no secret to shopping at kohl’s. everything is on sale…all the time. i dare you to try to buy something there for full price. i don’t even know if that is possible.

i do have a story that had kels and i laughing all the way to the car, though…

kels’ mom gave me a kohl’s cash card that she received in the mail. she thought i would be the only one who would use it before it expired, so i accepted the coupon. when we got to kohl’s i found a gray waffle shirt with a fluer de lis graphic on the left chest. i like to wear long sleeves under T-shirts sometimes so i thought this would be a good pickup.

the price tag said $32 and it didn’t have a sale tag on it. i do some quick math: $32 - $10 coupon = $22. i thought that was a good deal and headed to the cashier with cash card in hand.

the lovely lady that checked me out scanned the tag on the shirt and it rang up to $7.63. what??!! that is awesome, i thought, i can come back later and use the coupon some other time and get this shirt for $7.63. i was pumped and said to her, “oh, i had this coupon, but i don’t think i can use it since it isn’t more than $10.” nonetheless, she took it from me and tried to scan it. it wouldn’t scan and the computer wouldn’t accept it when she typed it in manually. she turned around and asked another cashier what she should do. her friend told her to enter it as cash.

this is when kelsey couldn’t handle it any longer, she was trying to keep her giggles in for the past 20 seconds and could no longer handle the hilarity that was taking place. she walked out to the car and left me at the register trying not to laugh myself. the lady hit $10 cash on the register and gave me $2.37 in change.

i couldn’t believe what happened. kohl’s paid me $2.37 to walk out of their store with a shirt that had a price tag of $32.

and that’s how you shop at kohl’s!