how to shop with your husband

i love this guest post by my husband, eric! i was lucky enough to get a guy who loves to shop, but sometimes i push my luck. {also, be sure to check out his hilarious tips on how to shop at kohl’s.}

whether you’re married, engaged or dating, i think this is something all men can learn from and put into practice. i have made a list for both men and women that should help when the mall is calling your name.

i have spent a lot of time shopping with kels. for example, a few years ago she needed some new jeans. a shopping trip that i would have completed in one try and in less than an hour took her dozens of trips to the mall and spanned over a year’s time! i learned a lot in that year and have come up with a list to help men and women everywhere make shopping an enjoyable experience for everyone. winning!


1. BE SUPPORTIVE. it will not help the situation to complain, whine, kick and scream your way out of shopping. it can be an enjoyable experience with the right attitude. suck it up, put on your big boy pants and tag along with your loved one. the other three tips will help once you get to the mall.

2. OFFER YOUR HONEST OPINION. when asked, give your honest feedback. i tell kels when something is inappropriate or if i simply don’t like it. you are not doing yourself any favors by “honest abe-ing” your way out of the mall. saying yes just to get out of there will bite you later when you see that clothing sitting in the corner of the closet. all i see at that point are dollar bills going out the window.

3. KEEP YOURSELF OCCUPIED. when the lady is trying clothes on, grab a seat. get comfortable. i always get out my iPhone and catch up on twitter, facebook, check the score of the game, check emails, play angry birds. if you don’t have a smartphone, consider bringing a magazine or book to read. use the time to your advantage.

4. TAKE FREQUENT BREAKS. While the lady is browsing, swing into the store next door that interests you. you know, the apple store or athletic store. go grab a snack if you must. just try to get back in time for when she is ready to try on the clothes. then refer to no. 2.


1. BE GRATEFUL. tell your man that you appreciate them taggin’ along. extra hugs and smooches help, too. try to also include them in the shopping. pick something out for them if the budget allows. also, give them enough freedom to exercise no. 4 from above.

2. COMMUNICATE. give a heads up when you are wanting to go shopping and especially if you would like the guy to go with you. kels and i like to do everything together, so i have no problem going along, but when i think i will have free time and get caught off guard with a surprise trip to the mall, oh boy! that’s when i get flustered.

3. HAVE A PLAN. this goes along with no. 2. let us know the stores you want to visit and how long you anticipate the trip taking. this should curb a lot of the are we done yet? questions. and then don’t forget to respect the plan that was agreed upon!

4. PRETEND THE STORE IS ON FIRE. seriously, have you ever timed yourself in the dressing room? i like to pretend that the clothes will explode if i don’t get them on as quickly as I can. your man will appreciate the effort here. kels takes for-ev-er to get one item on. it pains me. that’s why i stopped complaining and developed no. 3 for the men. but you will impress your man if you can do this quickly and efficiently.

what do you think? are you going to give it a try? let us know how it goes.