Web Gems // 07

  • I bought these camo jeans this week (30% off) and have been dreaming up different ways to style them. Believe it or not, they are my only pair of Gap jeans! I think I used to have a pair a looooong time ago, but didn't think they fit me very well. I'm happy to say these fit perfectly!
  • This blogger changed her daughter's name at 8 months of age. Is that fascinating or what?!!! I think my husband would have freaked out completely if I would have suggested that to him. I'm finally getting used to people calling Rooney by her name and I love it.
  • Have you heard of Cardpool? You can sell gift cards that you won't use, or buy gift cards at a discount. It's pretty genius.
  • I turn 30 on Sept. 30. My golden birthday! I may have gone completely off the deep end but I'm thinking about splurging on one big item (which I have never done) to celebrate in a big way. I found this Kate Spade jumpsuit (currently 50%) and fell in love. I can get an extra 15% off coupon just for signing up for their newsletter. What do you think? (I'm pretty sure my mother is shaking her head right now.)
  • Rooney will be 18 months old on Monday (!!!) and I've not yet baked cookies with her. I think this needs to change (inspired by Ashley's post).
  • While looking for a sign for our front door asking people not to ring the doorbell during Rooney's nap time, I found a post with 10 funny examples (warning: there is some swearing involved).
  • For whatever reason, we've had a fruit fly infestation in our kitchen this year. We tried this simple trick yesterday and it totally works!


  • My husband's book is on sale now! I promise it's really good!